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Quite a chilling game, makes trains go boom

Thanks a lot! Hope you were able to direct most souls to heaven ;)

Interesting concept: a simple fast-forward function would be great, especially for the slower early stages :)

Absolutely, for a bigger scale game in that direction, a small tutorial (map) would be mandatory. :)

Thanks for the praise! Took me a while to come up with a street design to allow enough variety and addressing the limitation. :) MMFeedbacks is surely a great thing. Like with all things - with practice and every use results will improve further and further!

Thanks for reaching out, implementation was so far quite a breeze for the very first basic steps until a guest login and leaderboard setup. 

Maybe a small thing which you could look into: Having a quick way to leave feedback per documentation page would be nice.

Reason is, there is a mistake on Leaderboard Data Retrieval page and I wanted to highlight that in a simple/direct way on that page, but only can leave some good/bad feedback smileys.

Mistake is, that it lists after as an input - which seem to be outdated/not implemented that way in the latest Unity Lootlocker package and leads to a compile error: LootLockerSDKManager.GetScoreList(leaderboardID, count, after, ...) 

Thanks for the nice feedback! Also felt, that the safe points really helped to not turn this into a game with "Dark Souls" difficulty :) The magnet points, ball and movement/physics forces are indeed sometimes not 100% as one would expect: Definitely requires tweaking.

Quite difficult your version of "Magneto" - but quick and action-paced! ;)

You do not need to keep the triangle style of building. Building in other ways might generate different interesting traffic effects (positive or negative) and you may beat the game faster = better. Though, of course if those kind of games are nothing for you, can't do too much about it :S Still, thanks a lot for playing and the feedback! :)

Ah, good to know it works... Maybe this helps: Cars travel to the other locations and generate money :)

Really? :S I thought it's straight forward that you click on the build areas/plots, and then build the according area :(

Sorry to hear that :( For reduced time/difficulty, we added the "Short Game" mode to also allow players to enjoy the game and still experience it together with our great audio and visuals. Hope that this is for now at least a small sort of solution for this issue.

Great video and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! That helps more than you can imagine :)

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Wow, that's great! Just wanted to make one by myself, but I guess I can just refer to yours instead, it's well done. Will link it and it maybe helps to generate a few more views on your channel :)

In total, we were really happy to receive a lot of feedback, each of it is awesome to read about and helps us to understand better, what was well received, and what we should keep in mind for our further projects.

Definitely agree, that there was room for more more level elements and snappier camera control (we had that originally, but changed it to a more smooth/cinematic movement - guess was a wrong call we made, happens) :)

aye, we were trying to make some quick fixes just before the submission deadline, but unfortunately we were not fast enough :S

Why would I avoid the strippers, they are quite handsome :P Really nice artworks and illustrations, well done!

Generating the world was likely a big challenge here. Good results here. Might use sounds and music to give it a spin towards feeling more like a game :)

Has some potential for decent shooter mechanics. We had some similar thoughts for "dark endings" - but we refrained from that, as we wanted rather to have a more positive spin - playing this shows me, that you indeed feel a bit awkward afterwards.

Don't be shy, add some screenshots to your game description, so people can see what efforts you put inside :) Maybe something like this:

We did experience some performance hick ups in the web build, but the downloadable Windows build was rather issue free. Not sure, what might cause the issues on your side :S

oh no. I fell onto a little box and got stuck :( in total: really nice idea with adding more and more dimensions for more difficulty :)

That clock is really adorable! Love the run animation and the little sparks. Wish there would be some audio :)

Fun to throw him around - but once your dude gets stuck or falls behind an object, there is no way to get him out :(

First I thought I have to play the little kid - nice surprise :D

The swapping mechanics feels quite difficult to get used to :S - especially when you have to time everything well: jumping, swapping materials, dashing and more swapping of materials. But in total very nice game :)

I keep finding ways to fall through the floor (right at the start) and there is no way to get back - except to Alt F4 and restart :(

Chilling music and people should enjoy to play it, no doubt. Just show them some screenshots so they have a rough idea, what is waiting for them. :)

And remember: WebGL/browser builds always help to allow people jumping straight into the game. ;)

Even if music was not made by you, it fits very well to the game and the art style and mechanics. I've seen some similar thoughts from other people: Sadly, the music gets interrupted every time the level changes/restarts. That breaks the immersion a bit :S

Seems to got everything in place: music, solid game play mechanics and a nice touch. Can easily imagine, that a WebGL build would have pushed this game up a lot in terms of player count and ratings :)

You put a lot of effort into the game and it feels cute, nice and polished! I'm sure people would love to play it, once they know more about the game. Add some screenshots to your game page and it will help a lot :) Maybe use some of the ones below (sorry for the level 1 spoiler)

Qquite solid and straight forward game play with nice graphics. Add some audio and that can already bump up the overall game experience :)

Add some screenshots like the one below to your game page, so people can better understand, what your game is about :)

Don't be shy and add some screenshots to advertise your game :) It's fun to play it and having to do it in the beat of the good music also fits it well!

Had several times to laugh, really nice ideas and experience, thanks for it :)

That nice music kept me motivated to try find the orbs and beat all those boom boom towers :)

Thanks for playing it and dropping feedback :) our team really liked the overall look & feel & music, so we ultimately didn't want to make it too tedious with puzzles and challenges. That way we wanted to make sure, that everyone has a good chance to play through and have a complete experience... and for the people with not much time we made a "short mode", which skipped the first 2 levels, where the game was more challenging and where "scanning" was an essential part :)

Download via itch-app didn't work. I guess because the game is in a sub folder... but normal download and play works. I beat Dark Souls, so was also eager to beat this dude, too... Made it in 2nd approach, was expecting some sort of firework or so. :) Challenging and the core battle mechanics feel nice.

I just wanted to be nice and clean the trash.... but the game had other plans for me.... well done :)

It's so simple, but totally catchy, cute, relaxing and fun to just scare all the shopping visitors :D ... Sales guys seen probably already worse in their life, they are not scared at all ^^