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sorry for answering so late. yeah, you can make videos on the game :)

yeah, you can :) it would be nice if you could tell me when and where you stream, maybe I can come and watch as well ^^ also: beware of the bugs o.o

thank you so much! 

thanks so much for playing! And even playing it twice to get both endings :) I'm glad that you liked the atmosphere ^^

Thanks for trying to play it anyway :D yeah, we had some problems with bugs, because this was our first game ever. We want to fix those problems and update the game after the game jam to improve our skills ^^

Thank you for your comment! I'm happy that you liked the game. :) We want to fix things like that after the jam.

thanks for playing :) yeah, sadly, we have some bugs and made some poor design choices with the buttons. But we will update the game once the game jam is over

thank you very much for playing and for leaving a comment! Very glad you liked the atmosphere ^^

Thank you very much for playing and commenting :) We want to expand the game after the game jam is over! 

Thank you for playing the game! And thank you for putting it on Youtube! We kept everything very vague on purpose for this jam version and focused more on the feeling of something intruding your personal space in different ways. And the question whether what the player experiences is real or who is behind all of this stays unanswered ;) so your own interpretation is very welcome :D also, I liked your commentary and editing style :)

Thank you for playing and for even making a video on it ^^ We really wanted to bring those feelings across. Thank you for commenting :) And we want to fix the bugs once the jam is over and also want to expand the game to a full version 

There are two endings which are slightly different :) 

Thank you for playing and for putting it on Youtube! I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere!

thanks for playing :) We took photos and then edited them to be usable for the game art

Nice game :) The sprites were cool. At the end the was a bug for me which kept the walking sound playing even during cutscenes. But other than that, it ran okay. i really liked the script reference :D

Thank you for playing :) 
There are only two Endings, because we were quite bad with time management during the game jam :D but yes, they have to do with locking the door. We Will probably update the game when the jam is over and add more options :) 

Thank you so much for playing and for commenting :)

Haha, maybe :D

Hmm, i wouldn't really say that there are jump scares. maybe two minor ones where something happens unexpectedly but not like extremely loud or All over the screen :D 

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the visuals of this game are awesome! I really loved the animation of the movement! 

Fun game! I like the idea that you have to be careful of your own bullets. But I was able to walk into enemies which made it feel kind of strange. Other than that: really good. Would have liked some sound too, but time on a jam is limited.

Suche a nice game! I had so much fun playing it! the character design is reaaaally good and everything feels smooth! the music is also nice :) 

very cool idea! i liked the graphics and the gameplay was fun. I also liked the narrative and small animations :)

simple and fun idea. I sometimes got stuck in walls and blocks. But the robot was very cute!

very nice game! I love the pixel art! it looks so good! The music is fun as well. Nothing happened after I finished the wizard and I would have like a higher difficulty, because the attack waves are pretty easy in the shooting waves. But I liked that you had 2 phases! I had a great time playing

very colorful! I liked the story behind the game, but it was a bit too much text for me at the start of the game. But I liked the different types of obstacles!

Fun game! Idea is nice. I thought it was weird that I could place furniture into the walls and make it overlap. And in level 5 I couldn't get in the small place to the right. but overall it played wuite smooth and I liked the minimalistic graphics!

thank you so much for playing and for your comment ^-^

The meow sound is so cute! ^^ I like the walking animation on it's own, but it doesn't match the walking speed you made the character move in. Otherwise really cute and simple game :)

Cool Game! I had a bug where I had a box over my head at all times without holding it. I also found it hard to control the movement. But the art style is very cute and it was fun to play ^^

Cute game! The camera was moving a little bit uncontrollable and and some point I glitched through the walls and couldn't keep playing without restarting. But I really like the art style. The glowing effect is great and the music was very cool! :)

Thank you so much for playing and commenting ^^

Thank you so much again for playing and commenting! :) We felt the same while making this game, so I'm glad that others got this feeling too :D

I really like the color choice!

nice game ^-^ the character was so cute! I love the fact, that you could choose between upgrades. I would have liked some kind of feedback or maybe currency which shows when I will be getting an upgrade. But otherwise it was very fun. 

The idea was nice, but the elephant kept turning in unnatural directions :D 

The concept was nice. But I slipped into walls and felt like there was no actual goal in this game. But I liked the robot in the corner! :)

I wasn't able to download your game, somehow

I totally get it. I felt the same with the music for our game in this jam :D

Nice idea for the theme of this game jam! loved the color and the the gameplay was really good.