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No problem, thanks for letting me know.

Hi Davide, I have finished TDTTR and I have sent an email a couple of days ago. Did you receive it?

Hugo, the Amiga version still reports Release 1.

Finished the game in an afternoon. The gloomy and spooky atmosphere really adds to the dark concept in general. You can accompany this with the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie soundtrack from 1992 directed by Francis Ford Coppola!

I was hoping the game to be longer and more challenging; at least to keep me on my toes for a couple of weeks. Other than that, fingers crossed for a similar adventure set in gothic horror era.

Yes of course I did, it's obvious. It's really annoying that your provider rejects emails with attachments (maybe there's an option in the settings?). I sent the message to the company that "respects" your privacy the most then.

I have re-sent it again, if you didn't receive anything, please send me another email address.

Thanks for the link, was an interesting historical link. I've already sent my comprehensive e-mail to you (maybe you should check your spam folder).

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Played and finished this game on my Amiga 1200. I really enjoyed it to the max, the dark story behind the Queen's Sandals (although similar seen on the movies, ex. The Ninth Gate), was very well executed and kept my interest till acquiring the Sandals and escaped from the library's window.

The descriptions are very good, and the possibility to examine thoroughly the scenery and the background to reveal objects or secret entrances/passages in order to progress further in the story is a big bonus. Therefore, you cannot finish this adventure with only the objects listed in the "You Notice:" section under the description.

Another bonus are the various verbs you have to use in order to complete the game, and not just type USE for every action you want to do, which in my opinion is how text adventures must work. Although I was expecting more verbs, or at least synonyms of the verbs currently in use. There were many times that I was scratching my head which verb to use in order to perform an action, regardless if my thinking was right at the end.

The puzzles were nice, not hard but logical, which is what it matters the most in text adventures. Especially I liked the Fibonacci sequence puzzle (although I was expecting it much harder).

Also, I don't understand why PUT is similar to DROP, which I've seen in quite a few adventures. In my opinion this is wrong or misleading of the verb. For example:


In the sewers, after you acquire the wooden stick, you have to put some grease on it in order to make a small torch to put away the rats. My first thought was to PUT GREASE ON WOODEN STICK or PUT WOODEN STICK IN GREASE, but nothing worked. All the program wanted is to type GET GREASE!


Another point which I found it very confusing, the verbs LOOK and EXAMINE are identical in adventures, but when you try to LOOK an object, you just get the room description! There were some other similar occasions of course, but I think the point was taken.

I found some bugs here and there. One obvious bug is at the first part, when you take the Headed Letter with Stamp from the officer, you cannot examine it nor drop it etc, till you find the blue ink and write the phoney order.

Also, on the third part, in the Nightmare Room, if you try to go WEST, you will face some rats blocking your path. The description says: "You will not set foot in there unless you...", which "unless you" is typed twice.

To sum up, as I said in the beginning, I enjoyed the adventure to the max. I have already started Two Days To The Race as I'm expecting the same enjoyment as the aforementioned adventure.

Already following you Davide, for more similar text adventures in the future, please keep up the good work you do there.

It took me an evening to finish the add-on, which was enjoyable in the end, despite much easier than the main game (but of course that's not the case). The merge between the main story and this add-on was very nicely executed and interesting. Even the various built-in modules and the navigation system is a bonus.

Generally, well executed add-ons, add to the atmosphere of the concept in general, therefore I'm hoping for add-ons for the second and/or third game as well.

Keep up the good work Stefan.

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Stefan, first of all, thanks for your time and effort to bring a nice text adventure nowadays. Although I just finished it (including the add-on as well) recently, I have to say that despite the old two-word logic (which for experienced adventurers was odd till you get the hang of it), it was enjoyable with some nice puzzles included. The story was interesting too, including the addition of Io and the interaction between Olivia and it.

It's nice to hear that Hibernated 2 is under development (I guess), and a third part will finish this nice space trilogy.

The only downfall is the saving/loading routine. Even if you install the game on hard disk, it still searches for the floppy disk to save. There was a fix for the Amiga version of course, but hope later adventures will be able to run and save from a hard disk (I don't know if that's a limitation of DAAD).

Already supported of course by buying the physical copy of the game.

Both actually. Selection will not change the color of the text and even if you try to copy and paste it, you just see dots and not characters.

InvisiClues trick (click and drag the mouse across black text) doesn't work under MacOS with default Preview program. Tried Foxit Reader as well, the same result.

Would be nice to get a fix on that for other players.

Hi, it seems to work flawlessly so far. Thanks for the fast update.

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Thanks. I tried Lectrote and indeed runs smoothly, although I prefer Spatterlight because it has more options regarding game appearance.

Amiga version runs perfect as well (I like the included interpreter, as it gives black background, which is my preference of play). Besides it's an added bonus to save your game in hard disk (where other new adventure games aren't capable of; thus you have to play from floppy disks all the time).

On the full game page, comments are disabled, maybe you need to enable them again?

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Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I'm talking of course about the full game. The version of Spatterlight I'm using is the latest one (currently 0.5.5). Will try Lectrote in the meantime, together with the Amiga version of course.

My previous post was deleted from the main page of the game (don't know why though). Tried the z3 with Spatterlight on MacOS, but after 2-3 commands I get the following message:

"fatal error: abbreviation being used recursively (pc = 0x9c32)" and the game stops.

Any ideas?

At last, a decent text adventure with rich parser, detailed and atmospheric descriptions comparable to old and good text adventures by Level 9 or Magnetic Scrolls. Already pre-ordered my digital copy and looking forward for the physical release as well.

Any estimate about the final release? Hope to get a nice gift for Christmas... Keep up the good work.