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Fun project you got there :) the gameplay was nice but a sound cue when hitting the rocks would be nice!

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I'm not sure if I wasn't able to hit adversary or if I could but the game wouldn't let me know via a sound cue. I'm not sure what the subject interpretation was as I can't see what was expressed about it in the game. Also it was hard to predict where the projectile was going to land, even though knowing the missile isn't supposed to be linear, at least it'd be nice to have some kind of pattern to show me where it'd go at. I think this could be good practice for you!

We all have somewhere to start, and the experience of taking part in a game jam is enriching as it is full of constructive criticism. Keep practicing! :)

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Neat game! I would had used another song for the game since I found it pretty distracting, but overall I found it fun! The car lanes added a layer of pressure I found enjoying. Overall I'd say it's a nice game for couch coop casual gaming!

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Interesting game! Although I didn't understand the objectives of each level right away, I did find your game as an opportunity to develop new ways to puzzle making. Overall I found this an interesting experience!

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I absolutely loved the subject of this game, It was so interesting! I really liked the music, the sounds were well implemented and really felt like a political-divertion machine. Although I didn't really understand what the interpretation of the main theme was, I think it's one of the best entries.

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Fun game to play! I actually liked the level progression and the objective was easy to understand once the portal mechanic is mastered. The aesthetics were adorable and fun, but I think the audio could have a bit more of work and I didn't really understand how the theme interpretation has been set up. It's a nice and pretty game overall!

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I think the comicality of the concept itself is pretty nice and I also find the interpretation of the theme pretty funny, I liked it. I can say I enjoyed the first part of the gameplay, although I didn't understand the second part of the gameplay, where the scenery changes and I suddenly die without warning. It'd be nice to have some audio that would warn me of the change, since the game quickly comes to be kind of fast paced.

Overall I think it's a nice casual game and I enjoyed what I could!

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