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You is the best, thank you.

Thank you for your feedback and support! I'm glad you liked it! ^-^ I definitely wanted to add enemies to bash but i ran outta time :/

Anyways, thank you again!

Thank you Mark Brown / Game Maker's Toolkit for this opportunity.

Tell me what you think!

@burlapjack T^T aww man.. I have a similar problem when I download other peoples games. 

Do you know if there is anyway to fix that?

The screen shake was beautiful, the music slowing down when you died was even more beautiful.

I gotta commend you on all the art! It looks great and the turn based system looks like it took a lot of love!

Thank you all for your feedback and for enjoying my game!

Tell me what you think!

thank you for enjoying my sprites ^-^, and yeah the game does need some work

the fire was left over from a lighting system that didn't work, i thought i had deleted it but i guess not! :p nice catch though!

I just kept wanting to go farther and farther! but i had a hard time getting past the "Ouch" rating. I definitely had a good time, and the theme works great!

It looks great, I had a hard time on the last level, because the ball kept getting stuck in a bounce loop. But I definitely had fun and wanted to keep playing!

Okay, I fixed some of the problems people were facing, and the game is now in executable form! Thank you again for your feedback. I hope you have fun!

Oh my god lol, i'll export it properly, if the code looks weird it's because it started as something else originally.

Thank you all for your feed back!

Tell me what you think!