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2.5 times? >100k? Thank you for playing it so thoroughly!

Also thank you for the valuable feedback! Ah, if you were playing with a controller then a button for brake is a necessity. I had that trouble with a different game I made. On a keyboard, down IS a button. Definetly something for me to note.

I'm relived to hear the level variety held your interest, I'd meant to put in gimmicks on each level but there just wasn't enough time.

That random cave idea is really cool and has me excited. I think I could pull it off. Could be a great endless challenge mode. 

I do plan on working on this further! I think if you're hitting 100k then you DO have the level of skill I'm after. If you watch the footage of me playing, I'm bumping into all sorts of walls. Part of that is probably performance anxiety, but also it's behaviour the game doesn't really punish. 

Thanks again! 

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, after thinking about it, I'm not actually sure why Oofoe has to jump at all. He could just launch directly into flight. That would probably clear up a lot of left-right turning into right-left confusion. But it would be a good idea in my next iteration to have more control options. Thank you!

Thanks so much for the warm feedback! I do plan on working on it more!

I didn't know that about Defender. That is: I didn't know the arcade game "Defender" had that initial reaction. The Windows Defender thing I would have assumed. Windows Defender thinks everything is a virus. Thank you for taking the risk! 

This was a cute little game! I also had a bit of trouble getting it to work, but eventually did. Before I got it going, I managed to move her above the first log and clear the first screen lol. I think it's cool when people make action games in RPG Maker. Like, "you don't tell me what to do, name-of-software." This one in particular felt like it might be like a mini-game in a Final Fantasy game or something. 

The pixel art was cute and the story was neat to follow! Very nice little experience. Wish it was longer!

That bug where it takes a few refreshes to get going is I think a bit more common than you think. You should also mention on your page to use Chrome; I tried and tried and got NOWHERE with Safari. 

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Man I love games you can play in public and people hear them and are like, "what the heck are you playing?" and then you show them and they go, "what the heck are you playing?"

I like how secretly clever it is. Looking through the tools the first time, I thought "why would I ever use the go-down bush?" but then I did end up using it. I could see this game getting me some pretty bad grades if I'd had it in the junior high computer lab.

I will say the tools took a bit of trial and error to figure out. I never did get the hang of which direction the owl sends you. I would never ask you to strip  the anarchic art style away and replace everything with shapes, but maybe an arrow? Or a finger? At least on easy mode?

But then X. Treme is a scientist, and it's a scientist's job to figure stuff out, and I respect how well reflected his carreer is in that regard. 

OH and I haven't tried it, but I think you're 99% the way to being tablet-playable. You just need a way to delete the objects. Maybe a trash can you can drag things into? 

Also the player being their own worst enemy is one of my favourite things. I love it when my ability to think ahead is tested.

Great game! Love that it works in browser, will absolutely play it at work, full volume. 

I like this game! It wasn't too hard. Often endless games like this have a point they hit where they're just impossible, but sometimes it's nice when a game just lets you play it until you're done.

I bought the hat. I know you said you would have added more hats if you had more time, but I like the idea that this bird more than anything just wanted his little santa hat. He doesn't seem to care that all the other birds are attacking him. 

Excellent balance for a first game, I think! I hadn't noticed the top-of-the-screen invincibility issue. Maybe a blue bird that flies up and acts lke a rock, but opposite?

Also welcome to the world of pixel art! My pointer here is that some of the backgrounds make some of the sprites kindof hard to see, and the solution to this is more contrast on the objects you're meant to see, like shine and shadows on the worms and rocks and even the sticks against the darker backgrounds.

Had a good time! Looking forward to what you do next.

Ah, this made my day! Thank you so much!

The game is currently actually completed! The web version is just a demo. I do plan on giving it some polish and features down the road, though.

Your pro/con list was very uplifting. I had a lot of worry that it was too complex and only made sense to me, so seeing "simple gameplay" really let me relax. Also, since the management loop was the catalyst for the whole thing, it was very nice to hear you thought it was "great" :)

The cons were really helpful too.  I actually had it during development that he would blink during his last ten seconds, but I took it out because I liked the surprise of him just kinda running out of juice and falling on his face. There's no penalty for it, unless you're running from something, or out of beans. Ooh, maybe I'll make it so that he only blinks if you're almost out of time AND beans. Very interesting, haha.

Another issue you stumbled on but didn't even mention is that if the mouse can be used as an action button, then OBVIOUSLY you should be able to click the buttons. (Duh! Sorry!) I added the mouse button kindof last minute, in my game it really is just a spacebar on the end of a string. It shouldn't be too hard to fix that.

Thank you again very much for the attention and feedback! is there a place I can send you a PM?



I remember a bunch of people coming by specifically to look at the game, that must have been you! Thanks so much for the support.

I do worry that I've maybe made the beginning of the game a bit too hard! I might think about doing a walkthrough for the first few levels. All I'll say is that the items are expensive but helpful, especially the wizwhere early on.

I'd actually be interested in seeing that video, compare my own haul. X) Is it still available?

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond!

It's honestly been great just to have something to point at when people ask if I've done anything. AND, once you've made and wrapped something, you're aware of the million tiny time-sucking mistakes that you get to avoid in the future. (Seriously, the pain of implementing pausing was the biggest shock) and then that should allow you to make bigger and bigger projects.

Good luck with your first few projects! 

Thank you! I overdid it with the download cards, but I met some nice people and that's the real reason to do those things anyways!

I really wish they'd make another game like Zelda II, but I suppose all the best aspects of it have been stripped for parts and used elsewhere at this point. Oh well! We'll always have the improvement patch.

Thanks! I tried to make it even HALF as fun as eating them in real life. Thanks for the feedback! The blob man is one of three, and finding them all opens the path forward ;)

It felt like real life in a lot of ways, like how I have to work hard for a better career, and how I crash whenever I get too excited. A nice time sink!

Interesting stuff! Very short but a nice simple experience 

I hadn't seen this before submitting but pretend...

I want to make a real-time action game where an ever-updating list of text describes the surroundings. By it's nature it won't take itself very seriously.