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It is Polished up! (now)

Wolod & PhoenixBoltS, I re-uploaded a version with more explanation, health bars, and balance to both the NPC and player stats.

Thank you @Wolod!

I really appreciate the feedback, and thank you for taking the time to try this one.
I found typos in the NPC buffs that caused that crash with a script that spawns and kills all NPC's. The download has been patched.

I'll clean up some of craptastic sections of the map, and add an intro within a week.

I never heard of a game jam before this started, and then there was an invite in my email. Have I learned enough about Ruby to complete a game before the deadline?

I faced challenges implementing Classes and Modules with symbols and hashes in a way that prevents slow performance from constant looping.

Thanks to other posts here I discovered worlds of information, like this one that lists every mistake I did make:

I ran the marathon and completed it. Now I run it again!

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The characters are white with transparency.
If you open them in an image editor, you should be able to see the letters.

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I started building the graphics.
Lots of code so far, not much to show!

This is an RPG, there are 12 player races which also double as the NPC's.
Each one has at least 2 hand to hand attacks, and 3 ranged attacks. They are all unique, and based on a list of attributes so that your adventures add attributes instead of just increasing your strength. When you start, the character you play will be able to win in one area, but has no effect in other places.

Introducing: dwarves, pixies, space aliens, robots, drones, trolls, kung-fu kitties, pirate kitties, spectres, and steampunk ratties. The graphics are not done for wyverns, satyrs and giant spiders.




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Thank you!
I re-ordered the characters by ASCII so I could convert them from spritesheets to arrays and then map them directly to the character code. Maybe I can save someone else the formatting time. The main image is 4x9 and starts with ASCII - 32 (the space character)

3x9 characters (ASCII order: 73, 74, 76, 105, 106, 108, 114)

6x9 characters (ASCII order: 77, 87, 109, 119)

That's very generous of you!

I'm a programmer, and my pixel art skills are limited. I have been busy coding a fantasy RPG with a combat system based on an array of attributes. If you would be interested in making a 14 icon set to show the nature of these attacks please contact me at:

Just spent way too much time on the menus and message windows myself...
Your selection treatment looks great!

Not much to show as I set up the code.

I will give this a go using Ruby with Gosu.

I made it for myself, and thought I'd share it.
See how far you can get!

Game summary: You move, and the robots move towards you. You have one shot to destroy them with a screwdriver, and you can take a chance teleporting to a new spot on the screen. It's a random play field inspired by a game I typed into a TRS80 when my school received them... a long time ago...

If you have any feedback or features to add, let me know!