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So today I got all for myself and managed to make myself a really cool padlock meachanism I think. The show-off video is a bit too large, but I made a mastodon post about it, you can check it out:

Either way, this day was not as productive as I'd hoped. Ah well, at least I got something done.

So I've been quite busy with Uni and other stuff for the last 2 weeks, but I now have quite a lot of time, but I'm so mentally exhausted from everything. I'm hoping to get to make the game now within the last week, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I've started making the game already definitely, but I'm at the very beginning still. A week should be plenty though, but like I said, we'll see.

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So I'm beginning kind-of making my game and I'm going to make a game that revolves around some personal experiences I've had and try to make a metaphorical horror out of it. I have it all planned out already and I think I have a pretty neat storyboard, but I just need to get on doing the actual game.

I tried fiddling around with VR using VRTK and Newton VR, but both seem pretty clumsy to dev with, especially when checking out their examples. We'll see if I end up doing this in VR but I sure want to. I'm going to make a desktop port for this aswell, so don't worry about it, it's also to make my development a bit easier.

Also, happy halloween, everyone!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Bloody Jam!

Remember to read the rules and the info on the main page before submitting your game, remember that even low-effort games are allowed and you are absolutely welcome to use as much time as you need from the 3 weeks to make the game you want, the important thing is participation! If you want you can even start a thread for your game to log your progress using the Gamedev log tag, it's highly encouraged and I most certainly will do so!

Yours truly, Teascade!

PS. happy jamming and happy halloween, everyone!

Yeah, I just made a post about it :)
I just need the game's URL and that'll generate a link that I then need to give to you

The jam is now over and in the end it was really fun for me, even though I myself couldn't finish my game (I really wanted though), but in the end huge thanks for everyone who did and everyone who joined and participated in the fun!

Now if anyone has a submission they didn't submit early enough and missed the timer, just send me a private message on my twitter or send me an email to!

So now as the jam is getting very close to it's end, I'm asking for opinions about the jam's rules for everyone who joined;

  1. What did you think about the vertex limit? Was it too low or too high?
  2. What did you think about the period the jam was held and the time of the day it started/ended?
  3. Is there anything that would improve the jam in general?

For myself I'm going to say, that I felt like the vertex limit was pretty good, but 512 might have been enough to be honest; Although I didn't finish my game I'm more eager to hear comments from anyone who did!

On another note I'm thinking about adding a theme for Vertex Jam 2, but I'm not sure how would I implement a system which would reveal the theme when the jam starts, not before nor after. One solution of course would be to create my own site which doesn't give the user the theme before a certain time, but I'm not sure, opinions about that?

And finally I haven't decided at all when Vertex Jam 2 could be held, so I'm asking for preferences about that aswell!

So unfortunately I'm not going to end the game for this vertex jam, which I don't think comes up as a surprise really. In the end I realized my game-idea was a little too sloppy and I was way too sick to do enough gamedev to finish due time, but I'm looking forward to Vertex Jam 2, maybe then I'll be able to actually finish a game :D

So in the first day I only managed to make the enemies move (And made a general system for making waves/levels) and make the player shoot, but dying, explosions, sfx and music is still missing. Highly doubting I'll be able to finish this by then since I'm ill :(

Vertex Jam community · Created a new topic Polyhell devlog!
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I'm joining #VertexJam with a bullethell pretty much, but what is an interesting goal I want to achieve, is that I want to make all the enemies travel with a destined mathematical equation! Then you could literally just plug any equation there, and it would just be used to calculate their position on the x-axis :D

I just got sick though, so we'll see how this goes, It's pretty likely that I won't be able to finish this game due time because of it :(

I'm trying to make the game with UnrealEngine4 and using Blender to make the assets. Some assets, such as music, I might be downloading from
Vertex Jam community · Created a new topic A warm welcome!
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A warm welcome to everyone joining the jam and first off I just want to say, I hope you'll have fun!

As said earlier, this is the first Vertex Jam I'm hosting, but very probably, new ones will be hosted in the future, so there might be some flaws in the rules and in overall hosting of the jam, but be reasonable :)

Now as the jam is starting in about a week, I'd love to see some community action here in this section of the jam, and hear about your ideas on how do you intend on making the best game of the first Vertex Jam and in general talk with other participants!

Good luck and have fun!