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*...a team of 2. 1 Programmer and 1 Artist...* it stunned me. I read it wrong at think like that: "Hmmm. 2.1 programmer. Is it mean that 2 programmers work 72 hours and one for 7 hours?"


All screens from day 1, cuz developer cant beat his own game?

Arrrr! You win.

Who can beat my 1700 record?

Impossible 8 level(

I want reskin with games instead garbage and pipes with genres)

Congratulations with your first published game! Hope to see your second game in next LD.

Easy to play, hard to win)

"Genre Survival" its made my day!

Dalmatian cat made my day!

Simple but cute pixel graphic, nice music, puzzle gameplay. Amazing combination!

Easy to play, hard to master)

I found my favourite pose!

Last planet really mysterious.

Interesting concept. I think if game have kitties instead boxes it will be pretty harder to play.

My first 48-hour coding challange.

My tools: 

- Visual Studio Community 2017 



Firstly I had another idea, but I drop it, becouse it was too hard for me. So this game was writen in 11 hours. Im really very proud of it.

link to the game:

some images: