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No way, it’s from random youtube video, where silly parrot talk to mirror

That’s fine, my code works pretty slowly and it’s definitely indented

Hmmm, can you provide screenshot of that? Is it happen in itch app or web?

Actually download button should just redirect you to , so you can download it here too

Pretty cool idea about being a support instead of main hero. I know, it’s just a theme limitation, but you do well on it

Pretty hard

Thanks for feedback! Would fix ladder bug in next version, and replace ore’s craft with more usefull


Slow AF, but nice custom on each paramater.


Good work for LD! Find it fun, but here are 2 bugs:

  • try double jump in the wall - camera and character start jitter like crazy
  • on deep 6 I kill all enemies, but can’t go through the portal. I explore whole map, but didn’t find any enemy.

Отличная работа над визулом!

Но управление чувствуется плохо, будто-бы ты силой толкаешь кристал. Может лучше чтобы кристал плавно двигался к позиции курсора? Вот реф того, о чем я


Impressive innovation for a shake!

Well, I do that from second try.

Damn, thats was hard

Got the same bug while adding external files

Nice experience game, pity that I miss it during ld. Is there only 1 ending?

Nice game. Is maximum upgrade level is 3? I die during collecting blocks for lvl4 and too lazy to collect them all again

Nice work on physics

Nice game, my best is 1204 score. Miss little audio, but well done on gameplay

Not sure is it possible to lose or win somehow. And boxes often stuck about walls and especially corners

Well, my best score is 33, but I die on purpose. Turn take too many time, looks like humans outside of camera waste round time too

woah, I work with unity about 1 year, but never heard about this component. Thank you

Little strange controls, but it’s easy to get how to play

Definitely overtime, but that so well polished game, especially love your choice of color palette and trijam reference Also sometimes line draw under mesh(e.g. on level with hill in center)

lmao why I’m soo laughting. And looks like UI still broke, even in fullscreen

I like fireball mechanics, it’s basically weapon of mass destruction. Also good job on map, I always try to find edge of the world in jam games like this, but this game beat me)

What are you using for trail effect? Looks really cool

Too many enemies, gonna wait for stream and see walkground by rocknight)

Try to play few times and it’s pretty hard to keep casualties low, looks like sometimes they appear outside camera view. Anyway my best is 160 casualties

Wish little nerf to bomb radius, it hard to not suicide by bomb. And I really love that almost everything in game animated, that’s looks cute

Ez one) btw about 500 scores asteroids fast as mad and it really hard to avoid them. Nice work on visuals, especially I love asteroid destroy particles

Pass 3 levels and idk how to beat level 4. Nice theme interpretation and fresh platformer mechanic. But player jitter when collide with wall

(1 edit)

Pretty strange that UI sometimes move with camera. And are few arts from Minecraft? Anyway well polished game, even doesn’t matter that it overtime in 1 hour.

Ez, made it in 12 seconds. And something like 3d ping-pong looks really fresh

I also can’t get how to use gravity gun. And is it possible to win or lose?

I’m also caught by nothing in the end. And I really love your idea, I have same idea, but about school