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This was definitely a new experience (we don't play dating sims too often), but also really worth it. The characters each have their own personalities and it was fun getting to know them. My brother and I actually played this one together, so we each took turns thinking about the different choices. I actually intend to play it a few more times. Great work on it and I loved the voice acting!

- Tenshi

I really enjoyed this game. The different stories behind the rings were very interesting and it was definitely something I'm glad I got to experience. I will be recommending this game to some friends to play and I'll be revisiting it as well.

We're a little tied up this month. Can we join next month's rainbow jam?

We're reworking the project we used your tracks in (the voice acting is making the file too big for itch XD), but once it's finished, we'll be sure to send you the link to it!

We still have sprites to add, but the new version of the demo should be up later today with more music and an actual title screen.

We get it too, actually. Whenever one of us closes the app and then opens it later, it gives an error for us too, even though we all downloaded Itch only a week after Itch Week ended. The app doesn't seem to have an offline mode yet.

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We've created a little red riding hood modern remake. We're not finished with sprites and it's only a demo, but we're nearly finished with it. (We update our games regularly, so sprites should be added and bugs fixed relatively soon.)

We took this one a little slower since we got too ambitious on our first game (and now there a ton wrong with it), so we just implemented our favorite aspects of visual novels, like music, sprites and backgrounds

Your tracks are amazing! We used some of them in Alexandra of Ciel and are using them in a few upcoming VNs too. Thank you so much for posting them! A lot of them (such as the creepy sounds and a few of the fantasy tracks) were really helpful in bringing together the atmosphere of the game. Thank you so much!

- Y

I'm really hyped for this game. I can't wait!
- Yami

This game had me sold by the short description, but after reading the page, I am super excited to get playing. Can't wait to see what's going to happen and I'll mention any bugs or feedback!

- Yami