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What is everyone doing? Sticky

A topic by Frosty Chao created Jun 26, 2016 Views: 365 Replies: 7
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Since most people are working alone, I've created this topic so we can share whatever it is that we're creating, if we want so. I was originally going to post in the pitches topic, but since I'm not looking for teams, I thought it would be best to create a new one.

So, the name of my game is Queendom Tales.

Genre: 2D side-scroller action-adventure platformer.

Story: I was heavily inspired by Kingdom Hearts. The main character would travel between many different fairytale worlds, with the sole purpose of changing their story. By changing the stories, she would get new abilities which would be used to unlock more stuff in the upcoming worlds. The objective would be to question the tales that we are told so many times, and whether they should be applied in our modern world or not.

Gameplay: My goal is to make a mix of the metroidvania style with the "goofiness" and action commands from Kingdom Hearts.

Progress: Lots of time were spent in the core mechanics of the game, and on the sprites/backgrounds. I have the movement done, the lighting, and collisions. But a lot is missing so far. I still need to create enemies, pickups, attack animations, dialogue, and all the scenes.

I usually post progress on my twitter, @frostychao, so feel free to check it out.

All in all, I currently have some issues with my game. The one thing that bugs me the most is the art style. I'd rather make the character more "goofy" and colorful, but she looks too serious right now.

Anyways... What is everyone doing? Is everything going fine? What is your game about?

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I'm sure I'll have time for the death screen with fairy, but all the characters are now in place. The backgrounds are done, but not super happy with how they look. This time around I learned a lot on how to use Spriter and Construct2, so I'm happy.

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We've created a little red riding hood modern remake. We're not finished with sprites and it's only a demo, but we're nearly finished with it. (We update our games regularly, so sprites should be added and bugs fixed relatively soon.)

We took this one a little slower since we got too ambitious on our first game (and now there a ton wrong with it), so we just implemented our favorite aspects of visual novels, like music, sprites and backgrounds


Cool, I'm going to find time to play all the games submitted and make some youtube videos with commentary for all jam participants. These games are practice and constructive feedback is more important rather than risking some randoms' mean or plain troll like comments. The links will be unlisted, so you'll be able to share away if you so desire.


I've got all the art assets ready, short of some animations. Also, just figured out how to do this--
Sadly, I haven't had any time to countinue with my coding classes this month with the new baby, work and well this jam. Still worth it :D


LOL, so I have to leave it as a WIP for now. I learned a lot about Spriter and Construct2, but I have to debug a lot of stuff.

I found a work around the exits and entrances as I didn't have time to implement the bottom link.


We still have sprites to add, but the new version of the demo should be up later today with more music and an actual title screen.

I'm the background artist for PassionFruit Studios, who made the game Beauties and the Beast. It's a dating sim where you are Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and you have to woo your choice of five women within a week's time. Our writer, Sam, came up with the idea with excitement almost instantly after hearing the fairy tale prompt, and while we came up with about a dozen more ideas in addition to this one, it was our favorite throughout. We wanted to make a game that definitely had humor, but also to make sure that the characters have a very real, serious story behind them that the player may choose to explore. We've put a solid month's worth of time and effort and playtesting into this game, and we're very happy with the end result. We hope you enjoy it!