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I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the game. It is very charming. I also really like the main theme. I was expecting something more chaotic, but ironically the current song just works way better!

All in all, I really want to see a more fleshed out version of this game. A couple of bug fixes here, and some quality of life improvements there, and you might have a great game in your hands!

Yeah, last second something came up and we couldn't finish the project. Although, we still wanted to put the joke out there in case someone might get a laugh out of it!

Yeah team XNA/MonoGame! haha

If you want to check out the project's repository then here it is. Maybe you can find something to use in your future games!

The dice mechanic is really fun! Moreover, being able to choose a perk in between levels is just the cherry on top. I also really like the main theme. Overall this was great!

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There were some last minute scheduling issues on our part, so we couldn't get much done. The game is not even close to complete, but hopefully you at least got a smirk out of this!

This is really unique. I love it!

Very interesting concept! I liked how you guys went for a more narrative approach. Very nice overall.

I see you are a member of the forum now. You do not have to call or email the organizers. Instead, simply click on @yong's name and there should be a "Message" button. I will also send you a direct message just so you are familiar with how the forum works!

Your best bet is to keep up to date with this Forum Post, and after the organizers process everything, contact @yong via the forum.

You must be talking about the red character... yeah the absurd velocity was a bug at first, but we decided to keep it in as a cruel joke. 

But hey thanks for playing!

Turns out I was able to submit the hotfix! Hopefully everything works now. If there are any problems or questions just leave a comment here, and I will get to you.

The game crashes after defeating the first boss...

just my luck...

Anyways I have patched the bug, but I'm not sure how to update my submission. In order to play the full game you are going to have to download the game directly from Github

That's strange. The only requirement is pygame, which is included on the Gameshell by default. Did you follow the installation instructions on the game's Github page?

I'll admit the difficulty is all over the place. I did not have enough time to implement a proper difficulty curve. Originally the levels were meant to get progressively harder. However, in the current state nothing is stopping the first level from being the hardest.

Thanks for playing, and I'll definitely keep your feedback in mind for any further development!

Thanks for the feedback!

In terms of the physics, I see where you are coming from. At one point in development I thought it was too easy to change the player's direction in mid-air, so I added the effect you must be talking about. I agree it can get annoying at times, but in my opinion the inclusion of the effect felt better than the original code. Although with that said, some tweaks are definitely in order.

I'll keep your input in mind for any further development.

I downloaded it again and now it works! Thanks

What are the controls for the GameShell? I cannot figure out how to hit any notes.

I am having trouble getting this to run on the GameShell. After downloading the GameShell version I am left with a folder that ends with .love instead of an actual .love file. Am I missing something? I enjoyed the Windows version so much that I really want this game on the GameShell!

Infected System is extremely polished, well done! This is such a leap forward from your last submission during Q2's game jam.  I had so much fun playing this one. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

It took a while to understand what was happening, but once I got it I had a blast! I was so hooked I beat the game in one session.

Find and enter the golden portal!

In the install instructions, you forgot the "1" at the end of libalure. It should be:

sudo apt-get install libalure1

Also I just want to note that the game itself loads but the graphics are all messed up when using the LIMA driver. Although everything works fine  with the FBTURBO driver. (Gameshell running on v0.4)

While I waited for everything to finish downloading on my Gameshell I played the browser version. For some reason the player does not advance past the first enemy even if they are holding the knife. The player just waits indefinitely.  This bug doesn't seem to happen on the Gameshell.

With that out of the way, I really enjoy playing Shift Quest on the GameShell. The music is great and the puzzles are very well designed. Good job!

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I enjoyed the earlier levels, but the difficulty increased way too fast towards the end. To make matters worse, the later levels are practically unplayable on the GameShell. There are too many enemies and the performance just dips. Regardless, I still like the game!

Thanks for playing our game!

What do you mean by "loading resource issues"? 

Did the game crash because it couldn't find the sprites.png file? Did you have to manually set the path in the code? Python isn't our primary programming language; we didn't know the best way to point to our sprites without hard coding a path.

Also, did you run the game on the GameShell itself? If so I suggest reading the installation guide on the GitHub page to hopefully fix your issue.