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Pretty tense atmosphere and good mystery. Only problem I have is that the breathing sound effect is incredibly annoying, I think it’d be better without it.

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Great game, clever concept, and interesting visuals. Voice acting needed work though

Those voluptuous busems are what make this game a 5/5. Fantastic work.

Thank you so much! It’s great to see that this game still gets videos even after it’s death :D

Fantastic video!!

Of course, thank you for the feedback :)

Thanks for playing again, and even making 2 videos! You’re content is great! :)

Thank you a ton!

Congratulations! You are the first to find the secret ending (with video evidence of course). Thank you so much for playing (again)!

The specifics of the update are listed in one of the recent devlogs. Thank you for playing!

Thank you :D

Awesome video, thank you for playing!

Thanks a ton! Great vid :)

Thank for trying out the update! Great video! :D

Thank you so much for playing (again)! Awesome video! :)

If there is anything you think I could fix or make better, feel free to let me know :)

I released a brand new massive update for my game Trumpets early Monday morning, and the game just frickin died. Where the game used to get 80-200 downloads a day, it is now only getting maybe 7-10. Many were hyped for this upcoming release, but now that it’s finished and ready to play, no one seems to really want to try it out anymore. I put an extreme amount of effort into this game and it’d be extremely appreciated if y’all could give it a try. I didn’t think this really fit anywhere else, so I decided to put it here.

I’m sorry to hear that. If I get another report on this problem I will definitely release an easier version. You can still access the secret ending without getting past that part! :)

(It’s still nearly impossible to find though. A friend of mine will hopefully release a tutorial soon)

I’ll have to lengthen the chase time then, I don’t want anyone to be unable to progress :)

You can shift to sprint which will let you escape fast enough if you begin running away right as you see it. I may make it easier if enough people have this problem…

Thank you, great video!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :D

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you man, this video was definitely one of our favorites! Congrats on getting YT spotlight! (Under this page’s description)

Thank you a ton! We just released a very large update yesterday with two secret endings if you’re interested! :)

We really appreciate this! Thank you! :D

The long-awaited official demo for “Trumpets” is here! This update took a large amount of time and effort to create, and all the support we’ve received from our last release is very much appreciated! Almost every aspect of the game has been improved in some way, so even if you’ve played v0.95, it’d be worth it to play v1.0.

Update 1.0 features:


  2. Better lighting

  3. Majorly improved sound design

  4. Fixed grammatical errors

  5. Extended ending

  6. More focus on the theme

  7. New ending credits

  8. New characters

  9. More focus on story

  10. A secret ending that has two ways to access it, because it is nearly impossible to find

  11. An ending made for a specific YouTuber

  12. Ĕ̶̟x̷͖̍ṱ̶̉é̵̺ȑ̵̦m̶̻͛ï̶̫n̸͂ͅa̵̚͜t̵̞́ỉ̵͈ŏ̶̼n̶̟͝ ̵͖͋ ö̶̫́f̵͚̑ ̵̩͝ ṷ̴͊n̷̮̎w̶̙̌ȧ̷̫n̵͚͊ṭ̷̊e̴͙͑ḏ̸̊ ̸̮͘ f̸͖̓i̷͇͛l̸̬͆e̷̮͝s̶̠͆

Thank you all for the countless videos, streams, playthroughs, and suggestions made! This really means a lot to every member of Tbit! :)

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Thanks a ton! We really appreciate this comment! :)

Thanks, great video! :D

Good to know my friend >:)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! :D

Thanks for the advice, great video!

Of course! Thank you for playing! :)

¡Gracias por jugar!

We’ll consider making two versions: one with jumpscares, and one without, because quite a few people really like them, and of course quite a few don’t, so in the end it’s hard to decide. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback, thank you for playing!


Thanks man, great video! :)

Thank you a ton! We appreciate the feedback/support! We’ll definitely make sure to check out the video :D