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You can shift to sprint which will let you escape fast enough if you begin running away right as you see it. I may make it easier if enough people have this problem…

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I tried that, not able to escape...yet, I will try again. :) I think a part is the mouse sensitivity, is not low enough. For me anyway. I made it as low as possible but when I'm scared I spaz and the mouse goes all over and It moves so fast that I miss where I want to go.


I’ll have to lengthen the chase time then, I don’t want anyone to be unable to progress :)

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Aww That is awesome, but let me try again. Unless it's something you feel strongly about. I will probably be able to get it together. It will just take me longer than everyone else. ;) Ok well it's official, I can't get passed it. I just am not able to move fast enough. I have tried 5x so far. I'm sooo sad. I have been looking forward to your update. I'm gonna go cry now. LOL


I’m sorry to hear that. If I get another report on this problem I will definitely release an easier version. You can still access the secret ending without getting past that part! :)

(It’s still nearly impossible to find though. A friend of mine will hopefully release a tutorial soon)