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Need a girls voice?

I really enjoyed your game! Can't wait for more.

nooo, I luv the voice acting! Just use spooky voice. lol


Did you hit escape button?

I would play for free, and I'm sure you would have a bunch of plays regardless. :)

In future updates (if any) would be nice to have a mouse sensitivity option. Mine was too sensitive and it made me keep falling when I barely moved the mouse it would jerk off the ramp. Great game though

I'm stuck. Told to get shovel but I got nothing to do, and nowhere to go to find it. HELP

PS love the music

In future update it would be nice if you could put all the text at once for those with carpel tunnel, and fast readers. Cute sweet game though.

when he disappears does he go through a door or near a door and then is gone?

ok i will try again and let u know if i got it.....TY

I got the door to open but can't leave, is there more?

I can't figure it

Fun game, and an excellent brain workout.

cute game, it's harder than it looks. Would be nice if difficulty was a little more gradual, but it is fun

Nice game, I tried all color scales but only made it to 15/16 on any. Would be nice on an update if you put a skip dialogue feature once you play first time. I would keep playing but it's annoying to have to skip each time.

Awesome game. Goes without saying...wish it was longer...ok so I guess I had to say it. :)

Unique game, enjoyed it, but I guess my brain couldn't comprehend the levels with the blobs.

Short and sweet. I had fun playing. Would love a longer version.

Would like to play, tried to play, but the lack of coherent instructions made it too difficult to figure out. Really needs a more in-depth instruction or tutorial levels to understand what we are meant, or rather how we are meant to accomplish the game. Just doesn't make any sense initially.

Who cares what he thinks with that negative attitude? For me though, the time limit is a bit way too fast. 

not productive

There is a bug in the tutorial section part two, It asks me to make a torch and present it, I do...several times over, and it does not acknowledge that I have done it. It just keeps asking again.

Awesome. Look forward to it. 

I read that and that is simply amazing. If this is your first, I can't begin to imagine your tenth game.  And look forward to it.

Spanish is fine, it was just confusing to me. I will try again. Ty

One of the creepiest and fun horror games I've played lately. Amazing graphics, atmosphere, and monsters. Such a great game. Top notch.

You will go far. 

ohhh ok. Are you planning on an update w/more?  

Well if you ever do an update I would love to play again. Sounds like you have an idea of a way to tweak it. Awesome. I still had a blast playing. It just was hard to figure out what was what. :)

I don't understand how to play

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Can't play, the minute  the green ball  starts to move, he falls through the floor, screen turns black and the blob shoots a huge wall of green, and that is that.

Loved everything about this game. I did get stuck on the picture frame puzzle. Couldn't figure it out for the life of me. That was frustrating. But I am so impressed that this is your first game. You have an innate talent. And if this is your passion then you will go far.

ok i will get that info tomorrow and will try again.

SWEET! TY, I'll let you know how it is on my end.

Fun game, I was thinking it was all in my head but I'm not sure. It seems the consistency is slightly off for different shots. One time at full launch I exploded, then at full launch somewhere else I didn't explode. Maybe if there were more in-depth instructions or IDK. Something is not quite right but I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless it is a very fun game. Really enjoyed playing.

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Addictive. 73 days

Great game except the little dude takes a few steps after you hit the arrow to move. So I'm trying to get to just the very edge of a wall but I can't because he keeps moving after I release the button. SOOOO aggravating.  Makes some things virtually  impossible-ish, at least the way I saw it needed to be done. 

Right but how is the issue