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There have been about two weeks from the end of the jam. Maybe you wait for the sponsorship but could you post a leaderboard,?

I didn't know that it is so difficult. If it takes so long, you could post a ranking on the forum or on the main page and when you have the money, you manage the reward as well:))))

But you know better, after all. Good luck with the confirmation!

hello, when will the result be made public?

Thank you and no problem. We will wait:))))

In the description, it says that there were 3 judges. Maybe it takes some time before the final announcement

Thank you!

Thank you very much. That means a lot

Thank you very much! You should also try my other game =))))))

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I agree with you, but I don't work on this game anymore. I'm currently working at this game and I use everything I have learned from this project( UX/UI design included). I hope that you will understand and maybe in the future, I will come with GameCompany Tycoon 2. Who knows?

Edit: Other things you you'd like to add?

If you'd like, you can enter on the Discord server and I will change your role to SUPPORT. That way we can talk about future releases and a medium to test the new updates because I can't test them on a MAC. What do you say?

Thank you for the observation and fix. You are a great part of this wonderful community

Maybe it is a small number, but I want to share my ideas with everybody. Besides, I will install Ubuntu on a virtual machine, so only 30mins will be wasted

I am glad that you understand this situation. After 1st of August I will grab an Ubuntu copy and I will contact you again after 15th of august( this is the date when I would like to launch the version 0.2.0) or after I manage to solve this problem

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I haven't tried the game in the Linux os. I've only build it in Unity in that operating system. I am sorry that I've wasted your time.

Maybe you can wait a little bit. Slower computers tend to be slower at this point in the game, but later you won't feel the speed difference

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I will look into it, but please make sure that you have enough money or resourses. I will come back with an update as soon as posible. Thank you for your opinion;)

EDIT: Can you sent me, please a screenshot with the panel which is not functioning? I've just tested the game on 3 PCs and everything is ok

Hello everybody!

I'm the sole developer of The Age of Politics and I'm proud to announce the release of this version for the first time!
This game is about an empire, which you rule for more than 3000. You will have to deal with barbarians, the low income of resourses and, of course, the test of time. Can you win the game and the universe?
I will continue to improve it and add new content. If you play the game, please consider to give me your feedback. If you have any questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

Try the game here!

The new update will be published Friday