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Rewards and results?

A topic by Octavian Matei created Apr 30, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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hello, when will the result be made public?


When I get confirmation from my sponsor to award the prize money. It's taking awhile, if people need proof or whatever, they can ask me.

Worse comes to worse, if the sponsor drags on, I will at minimum pay the $100 part of the prize out of my own pocket then announce the results, I guarantee that.


I didn't know that it is so difficult. If it takes so long, you could post a ranking on the forum or on the main page and when you have the money, you manage the reward as well:))))

But you know better, after all. Good luck with the confirmation!


There have been about two weeks from the end of the jam. Maybe you wait for the sponsorship but could you post a leaderboard,?