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I am glad that you understand this situation. After 1st of August I will grab an Ubuntu copy and I will contact you again after 15th of august( this is the date when I would like to launch the version 0.2.0) or after I manage to solve this problem

you don't need to make it Linux compatible just for me, man. an  incredibly small number of independent gamers actually use linux as an entertainment platform. just keep building content, make the game enjoyable and passionate. if you keep it all on windows it's okay, as long as you do your best.

Maybe it is a small number, but I want to share my ideas with everybody. Besides, I will install Ubuntu on a virtual machine, so only 30mins will be wasted


if by then i am still here, i will play and test the game, and work with you on new ideas, bugs and ways to make the game truly impressive. i just want quality games.

you are a good person.