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I hope we could have the permission to set which not notify our follower…After all, we don’t have the function to remove some followers, and there’s some information I don’t want some people to know in this timely way

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More fun than I expected before playing, I especially like the special slap attack hhh

The get/consum of item-key is not clear enough, I only noticed the key when I was rewatching my screenrecorder, so this makes me feel confused [when picking up the first reward door and then can not get the second reward] maybe give a panel to confirm when coast the key is useful? Having doors that look the same but go to different places is a bit confusing, but the most confusing part at the beginning was how to get into the main process: there was hardly any hints in that huge arch-shaped area which I need put my door in, and it took a little bit of experimentation for me to find the method..

Instead, it was the small door that was already there that would grab my attention, I kept trying to open it without realizing it was just a piece of equipment (maybe another default door with a different look would improve this? as a different door that I would realize what was happening after clicking on it for a pickup action)

The combat experience is fun and the enemies are all interesting, I think this is a game with a lot of potential and has very unique concept, I found it from seeing the game’s assets on sketchfab

Great jam work! Cheers!

Just realized this is a jam work, so cool for the high completeness!

(Why not add a return button for the tutroial level?) a little bit hard but very excited! The unexpected second phase made the battle a little longer. Be attracted from the home page, awesome camera setting, super juicy and smart.

so cool I actually recognized the cover as being drawn by toyoya before I clicked in (his style is indeed so characteristic!)

This narrative style is so cool and I found it has enough freedom of choose how deep to dig these memory points, it may expand the story line struct and gives this game rich ending. Looking forward to seeing the new shape of this game in the future, cheers

Great ambient and narrative experience, it would be nice if the tutorial text could stay on the screen longer or could be reactivated in some other ways. When I just tried the left click function, it disappeared, which always makes me feel like I might have missed something..

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The birth of the first game creation is always a troubled and unusual journey. All we can do is enjoy it and remember it. Cheers!

same problems

Can not paste texts to the review when I rating to a game. and the link function is also not work.

Really great ambient, love the music and the aesthetics. The puzzle at beginning is a little bit hard for me but after that everything goes well and mixed with different game feel by these delicate mechanics and puzzle hints Wonderful experience and well done first game creation! also inspried me in different cool.

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I just played it with my nephew and we retried so many times, it’s really fun

At first contact, it can feel like you’re surrounded by a lot of information (both in the itch description and the in-game instructions, which can be slightly intimidating at beginning) but once get into the game it feels like such easy to get started!

We died a number of times at the beginning by stomping on spikes (especially for newer players who aren’t very good at playing with keyboards), and the edge checking can be a little not friendly for them

The slime was be often used, the value of ghosts was to be realized at the several rounds later,but we soon realized that the goblin archer was really awesome and it was brought us the first glimmer of victory. The miner was also used very early on, which was great fun for the money snowballing.

Meanwhile, only two downside are that I don’t think the life UI is very easy to notice at first & little bit hard to know what the knight gained when he in high levels

We ended the game with two victories and after the most expensive demon summoned, my nephew thinks this game could going to be a top seller in shop, we really enjoy it!

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Really genius idea with great form, this makes me excited. I love the the integrated and flexible use of assets in your work, and the complete presentation on credits, it’s very cool! The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the amount of levels, Just as I was getting into the swing of things, it was over ToT I think this idea could make for a lot of fun, hand-holding levels haha, I feel excited just thinking about it! wonderful

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I just played this game with my nephew and had a great time! This is also the first time I’ve played Peggle The level with air balloon was a bit difficult for both of us, but once we got the hang of it, it was very enjoyable!

We couldn’t get enough of it - “ah how can it be over in just a few levels” - and visually the backgrounds were quiet and fairytale beautiful, and these point were very cozy! My nephew found the bullet-time mechanic that I had not noticed.I noticed a faint square edge at the ball sprite, which could be improved to give a more subtle effect!

Thank you!

Interesting idea to bring the perspective of player into the enemy’s camp for a very unique experience! In terms of game feel, it feels like playing a special kind of pinball game that combines strategy and hand-eye coordination. It would be nice if the index of my troop types had been labeled in UI , I often lost my place in the queue while flipping through them, and the first few times I played it felt a little difficult and the development of the defenders felt a little sudden and unpredictable, but it’s very exciting!

Thank you for your encouragement, I’ll try to do better after that!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing my game and reading the description! Your kind comment are encouraging, I will try your game later when I prepared, see you soon

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Thanks for your kind comment, it did get rushed yesterday, but exciting > < your game looks interesting and like something I’d like to try~ I will play it and give feedback later when I done my another work which near the deadline recently

I love it, It’s so therapeutic🎐

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looks so good! genuis experience

Totally Amazing Work!💥

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Interesting game Love the feeling about cube rotating on the base Pity that I was stuck when I use the blue function to transfer

The dice physical is noisy but fun to try!

so cool! I really love the react dynamic of the fighting experience

Interesting! love the ambient design


Thank you!

awesome work, a very touching short story

too many links in your game’s description, it made this page looks not clean and elegant( why not put these in your game’s credits page and put some more important info outside)

Looks unique and interesting!

Thank you for comment!

OMG,Really Genius Tool! I think it would super useful at indie anim

why this no webgl version?

the cover so attractive,I thought I would be the cute little frog at first haha retro sytle mixing 2D+3D,so cute and talk with every character in this area, but then lost my target.

nice control feeling and ambient

and really awesome and inspiring webpage theme design the immersive feeling super enhanced

Haha there are still so many bugs Thank you so much for your playing and kind advise⭐⭐ I will improve it in next several updates


Cheers! Thank you so much ⭐⭐

nice game feeling, friendly spikes, very juicy if sfx added would be awesome to mixing these solid base

Attract by the cover, looks nice design will play it later

Package Updated

Wish you enjoy it (🤝)