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Interesting! love the ambient design


Thank you!

awesome work, a very touching short story

too many links in your game’s description, it made this page looks not clean and elegant( why not put these in your game’s credits page and put some more important info outside)

Looks unique and interesting!

Thank you for comment!

OMG,Really Genius Tool! I think it would super useful at indie anim

why this no webgl version?

the cover so attractive,I thought I would be the cute little frog at first haha retro sytle mixing 2D+3D,so cute and talk with every character in this area, but then lost my target.

nice control feeling and ambient

and really awesome and inspiring webpage theme design the immersive feeling super enhanced

Haha there are still so many bugs Thank you so much for your playing and kind advise⭐⭐ I will improve it in next several updates


Cheers! Thank you so much ⭐⭐

nice game feeling, friendly spikes, very juicy if sfx added would be awesome to mixing these solid base

Attract by the cover, looks nice design will play it later

Package Updated

Wish you enjoy it (🤝)

Thank you for your comment and care! Still editing~ sorry for my so late

Looks cool

looks neat and so cool!

found it at my home page, cover so attractive, I think this also very important

wow! very neat and elegant game feeling! fresh experience

so intersting animation design and narritive form

special form. I love this

so beautiful and emotional game, high energy of atomoshpere. love this so much

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Clever depiction of the indecisive mood, a rare inner drama based on mobile form, really good realistic theme, it can evoke many real memories about gamejam.

The downside maybe that the glitch-effect are slightly heavy( with huge unit) , and the hint sfx in ambient are slightly repetitive

It would be better if there was a progress bar on the webgl version, I thought it would not loading because the window is totally black

Nicework! Thank you

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​​​Interesting game with good pace/music/double screen design,these all built wonderful atmosphere.

some points feels need more enhance:

  1. spawn point is too close with the exit door. my first time play was enter there directly and makes me restart.

  2. right screen seperate my attention at beginning, but there were nothing could interactive and no any valid feedbacks at beginning.

  3. the first artwork too far with me, I can not recognize which is my target between these props(these desks or computers) at beginning, until i finally found that these are just the obstacle for me. before that, I hit space-button with every props I met(also click and push them) and always confused of why i can not get them into my pockets ToT

btw, the music of this game I can listen serval times without tired, really awesome!

so cool! relax but powerful anim style art.

This jam looks super cool!

This looks poweful! Thank you for sharing!

your game looks super cool! also the theme design of this page!

&*#(&%(9,, …@#^@@#^^


Awesome work, high vote!

I just notcied this game from itch home page

Super Awesome! it let me feel i am controlling my own hand, and these actions likes the Mudra which with different mysterious energy

I really love the music changed with hand pose,really attractive! not very hard to learn and adapt to this mechanic, go to flow state quick,and excited

btw, Thank you for your sharing your code I think it will be very helpful to learn digital feeling 2d game

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I test it again just now, It worked! at last time, there was no black line from avatar

chrome & web version. don’t worry, I got some informaiton from other comments It sounds awesome

Thank you for your feedbacks!

Deep impressed, full of thoughting

Awesome experience,pov is good to control These ancient building really well designed and this game reminds me some old game which i relly love( for example aThe Fifth Element game and The Rockman Dash).

sfx and these floting boxes all very peaceful and elegant

Looks amazing this game!