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Pedro Marques

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Muito bonito e interessante!!

Very good!

Gourgeous art! And very fun! Had three tries before winning for the first time. Very good music and cool sfx when you're out of time.

I played in Chrome and I'm using Linux. Everything worked alright! Loved the animations and effects! My favorite puzzle is the stealing one. The other one isn't very intuitive (i had to look in the help menu) and it is a little repetitive. But it's a very good idea!

The animations are so good!

I had a good time playing! Would love to see it as a local multiplayer! 

I think you're using Input.GetKeyDown() to move the tanks. In my opinion, the best option would be to move using Input.GetKey().

Great game with an incredible idea! Had a very good time!

Probably my favorite game so far in this jam! I disagree with the fellow vinizinho about the music; I think the silence creates a very nice atmosphere of mystery. I loved to explore the map, to learn the mechanics, to understand the items. (PS.: the rightmost wall at the maze don't have colliders and you can pass through into a completely empty room)

Thanks! We added a clearer description of the controls. 

Beautiful game, very nice palette

very good game!!!

very good! the music is really nice!