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Here’s the inputs !

Controller (recommended) ^^^^^^^

Walking :: Left Stick Looking :: Right Stick Shooting :: Right Trigger Shielding :: Left Trigger Yes :: Up Arrow (D-Pad) No :: Down Arrow (D-Pad)

Mouse & Keyboard ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Walking :: WASD (*) Looking :: Mouse (horizontal movement) Shooting :: Left Click Shielding :: Right Click Yes :: Scroll Up No :: Scroll Down

Keyboard-Only ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Walking :: WASD (*) Looking :: Left / Right Arrow Shooting :: Space Shielding :: Left Shift Yes :: Up Arrow No :: Down Arrow

[(*) Non-QWERTY Keyboards] Walking :: ZQSD (AZERTY Keyboard) / .. the respective four buttons at the top left for other keyboards should automatically work. If this doesn’t work for you please let me know your keyboard type and I’ll look into it!

Cheers : )

If you want to replay a specific part of the game, or take it from the beginning (thought it may be useful for streamers / let’s players).

Achievements can be collected this way, but your choices will not be saved and your progress will not be affected. Next time you restart the game you will be where you were.

[1. Load Override Configuration] Hold down F9 before the first menu message plays. You should hear a beep, giving you 30 seconds to type any of the following commands.

[2A. Restart] Press “R” three times.

[2B. Replay] Press the scene’s code followed by the segment code.

(Scene Codes) Tutorial (segments 0-9) :: 0 Tutorial (segments 10-19) :: 1 B3 (Cell - Cave - Bridge - Tunnel) :: 2 B2 (Guard Headquarters):: 3 B2 (Secret Room - Corridor of Death) :: 4

(Segment Codes) Just the number of the segment (starting from 0).

(Examples) Fight :: 1 -> 4 Bridge :: 2 -> 5 Minefield :: 2 -> 7 Stealth :: 3 -> 2 Cryostasis :: 4 -> 7

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While I recommend playing with your eyes closed to fully immerse yourself, it is possible to enable subtitles.

Hold down F3 and press S to toggle them on / off.

You will notice they have extra information (ie. commentary), are not always formatted properly and may some times may be long enough that they do not fit the screen.

This is because they’re taken directly from the script I use to record the audio lines. And that is also the reason I don’t have this more prominently integrated in the game.

That, and I truly believe this is a whole different game with your eyes closed, even if you miss out on some lines, the atmosphere and overall narrative will make up for it.

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Since it’s an audio-only game, your screen is free to do what you want ; get the camera to show your emotions / expressions more than you normally would, you can try blindfolding (some people have gone as far as ducktaping their eyes, which I do NOT recommend).

You could also stream this game without loss of content via podcast ; )

While having a completely empty screen can be an interesting shock to a player, it may cause confusion over streams.

You can toggle the Promo screen built into the game by holding down F1 + pressing P.

(Promo Screen) “If you can see this, close your eyes.. .. and put on some stereo headphones”

  • the logo at the bottom left

At that point it may make sense to also enable Subtitles (F1 + S), as your viewers will most likely be watching and not just listening with their eyes closed.

Also, here’s some graphical assets to enhance your presentation

(Restarting the game / Playing from a specific segment)

Reach out to me if you have any questions / feature requests and I’ll be happy to see what I can do.

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Feel free to share anything that struck out ; the good, the bad, the ugly. I care for, read through and usually reply to all feedback I receive.

You can also fill in the questionnaire if you haven’t already

While I recommend playing the game with a controller for its vibration features, if it gets annoying, hold blast + shield during the menu to turn it off !

If you played with it on, how was it for you ?

A fully thematic in-game menu is in my plans, but until then you can use the following keys at any point in the game to set the sensitivity.

Holding down F2 plus 1 -> 100% 2 -> 80% 3 -> 60% 4 -> 40% 5 -> 20%

Hi Bradley!

I have patched in the following based on your suggestions:

  • You can now use Left/Right arrow keys to strafe left / right
  • You can use Left Shift to Shield and Space to Shoot
  • You could already use Up/Down arrow keys to say yes / no

At this point I believe Apotheorasis is fully enjoyable with a keyboard-only setup :)

Let me know if it works for you!

PS: I am new to itch so if I have messed something up with the patching I apologize in advance and will happily work with you to get this up and running. Version 0.12.1.fiei (2022-02-09 12-11-56)

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With their screens dead and gone,

Curious minds wandered in a 3D world.

Without sight, yet not blind ;

for their imagination could - finally - run wild.

Apotheorasis • Play by Sound

Try out the 15-minute demo, which is happily part of the Itch.IO family : )

Play Now

Play by Sound ; No Graphics

A few words about Apotheorasis

A first person 3D action game and a blind protagonist walk into a lab. A lab where newborn gods struggle, hope and despair. To survive, you may have to rely on the ones responsible for this mess. Learn what you are and dream of who you could be.