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Thanks for the feedback! I really liked writing the story, and despite being short, I felt like it really left you with an emotion at the end

I had fun playing it, really interesting take on the genre! Good job!

I believe it crashes when you die, I didn’t add in save points so I just had it restart the game (inelegantly). Glad you liked it!

Ahh thanks for the feedback! I agree that some of the enemy placements aren’t that great, nor is some of the combat in general (I wanted a diagnol fire but I ran out of time). I thought it’d be really cool if I could manage to tell a nice story in a short game, and I feel like I did! Thanks for playing it!

Impressive for a first game!

This was a neat little game. Being a 3d metroidvania was an interesting concept, and it’d be cool to see it grow

The graphics were especially pretty. The lighting effects really gave off a neat feeling of the environment itself. I was having some trouble with the platforming, but once I got a feel for the physics it worked quite well. Great job!

The graphics were especially pretty on this one. I feel like they really fit the overall aesthetic. The upgrade buying was a neat mechanic, and that last boss was fun to fight. I can tell this can grow to be a very cool metroidvania.

Ahh, the story was cool! I just wish I had a controller to play it with. Super neat game, if you decide to do the super jam with it I’d definitely give it another go then too.

A development log is live here!

Very cool idea, would love to see a full game!

I punched pigs. I wore pants. There was pie. I am complete.

The graphics were very nice, reminded me of NES-era games. I liked the opening story bit as well, as I feel like that’s an important part of setting up a game. Overall, cool entry

Cute game! There was a lot of creativity behind the upgrades and the little collectable trash pandas were neat. The camera can be a bit slow when following the player, but other than that it was a neat game. Would love to see more in the future

Loved all the cool backgrounds and images! It was super satisfying growing my tadpole. Would love to see a full game someday.

Fun game! A unique take on the genre and challenging. The sprites were very clean looking too

The game has had a small update fixing some bugs early players ran into. Enjoy!

There’s been a small update fixing some bugs some early players ran into. Enjoy!

The controls feel great! I can definitely see this becoming a full game in the future. While short, I feel like the demo really sets a great start for a full story to unfold. Thanks for making this!

Yeah, I later “speedran” the game and did it in like 30 seconds abusing invlun frames. I figure I’ll shorten them if I ever update the game or anything

Cool idea! The plot is definitely interesting and I look forward to more being added

The link in the jam description that leads to the page on the 8 Bits to Infinity site on Game Jam info is broken. It should be pointing to rather than the current

Actually that was my original intention! I ran out of time sadly. I wrote about it on my devlog:

Thanks! I was really running short on time near the end so I made what I could. It was my first time designing levels too, but I’m glad they turned out alright

My favorite game so far!

Cool game! The particle effects are a nice touch

Cool game!