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What's up IGMCers, I didn't make a game this year but you know I gotta stan for Balloon Co. again. This game is awesome, play it!

Very cool and original game! I was surprised how much there was to the world! I wish I could know even more about it. Did you use a commercial engine?

Pressing escape when talking to Strauss triggers the second dialogue option instead of the "Goodbye" one. Thanks for making & maintaining this game for free, it's awesome!

Batshua, it appears you've arrived at the most, let's call it controversial puzzle in the game. On the same screen as the locked house is a single bush; check there and you'll probably be able to advance.

I'd have been happy to help you out!

This game doesn't run in the Itch app for me, you might want to check this out:

Tagurit Studios Response to Statement by Balloon Co. [gaming division]

COOLTOWN, November 11, 2017–Tagurit Studios confirmed today that feelings expressed by Balloon Co. [gaming division] are requited. Furthermore, Tagurit Studios hereby accepts the proposal by Balloon Co. [gaming division] to become Corporate Buddiezzzz. We feel that this technically-not-a-merger will have great effects on both companies' ability to consistently put out great debut games for the years to come.

The decision was made unanimously by the board based on the fact that our testers saw a kinship with Balloon Co. [gaming division]'s 2017 release The Protest Vote. Internal reviews said, "there's no mild-to-severely complex RPG combat that makes us feel dumb," and "there's a passion for subverting expectations that frankly makes us see a bit of ourselves in this game." People within Tagurit Studios also praised the Balloon Co. [gaming division] public relations department for their outstanding ability to build brand recognition and remind their customers of a company that probably inspired both Tagurit Studios and Balloon Co. [gaming division] but sadly is no longer in the business of making games as they have become one of the corporations Balloon Co. [gaming division] has proudly made it their mission to rebel against.

About Tagurit Studios

For more than six days, Tagurit Studios has been providing fans with great game(s) that showcase somewhat competent use of the RPG Maker engine. The company displays a remarkable business prowess in its strategy of having zero overhead cost and making zero money. Players of games by Tagurit Studios report minimal physiological side effects and say playing a Tagurit Studios game inspires them to go outside.


I feel like this game will go criminally underrated in this contest so I just want to say great job and I enjoyed the whole thing.

I think the submission feed for a jam should post an event whenever a game is submitted to the jam instead of when it's created. The way it currently is, events show up under events you've already seen, and since there's no way to sort entries, it's hard to keep track of every game coming in if you want to follow that. Also, this appears to be what happens on the site-wide games feed when a game goes from restricted to published, which is not what I was expecting after reading the docs. Another thing about the feed is that an event is posted when a game is rated on its game page, even when rating isn't open for the jam yet. This is kind of confusing.

Cool game! I love the soundtrack, it goes hard as fuck lol. In case you don't know, there's a game-breaking bug where you can't leave the headmaster's hall. Cheers!

Yes, it works now!

Hey, your game looks cool! Just letting you know that the game won't run on computers without the VX Ace RTP, so it'll be disqualified from the jam unless you update it :0 Good luck!

Here's my crash log