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Tad Patterson

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Beware The Ghost

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A spooky party game about haunting your friends.

We just released a huge update with new levels and a new mode. Also the game is on sale for Halloween!

Play locally on two screens. One screen has up to 4 investigators and the other a mischievous ghost. The ghost can possess furniture and use it to attack the investigators as they race to banish the ghost.

Don't have two screens? then you can play Pumpkin Haunt where flying Jack-O-Lanterns chase you through a haunted house.

The game has 6 unique Haunted Houses to play at, each full of furniture to possess.

You can check out Beware The Ghost here:

Thanks for playing Jupiter_Hadley! Sorry about the mouse controls, we barely hacked them together at the last minute.

Thanks iwanPlays! I'm glad you made it through even though there were some distracting bugs. We have updated the game and hopefully that fixed a lot of the bugs you bumped into. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much. It took a lot of effort to get it to where it is and its great to hear you got some enjoyment out of it.