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how did you get the game to work? It won't for me.. just says I need to download 'directx June 2010' so I did and it STILL won't work

it keeps telling me I have to download 'directx June 2010 and I have but it won't show the content. Any help?

same I don't know how to fix it 

lol sorry what are you on about?

how do you get the plants to grow overhead? it wont let me 

At the end of the game after the cat goes crazy, there's a sleeping screen and i can move the arrow anywhere on the screen. is this a bug or meant to happen?

thank you so much. this really helped! x

is there anyway to get to see the pictures? i've tried everything but nothing happens

no offence but what are you talking about? i cant find anything like that. please ellaborate x