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ok den

you ok hen? 

Will the game ever be made avilable for windows? I don't know how much work it would take, but it looks really cool!

Will this ever be made available for windows? Looks amazing

will it ever be available on windows? it looks super cool!

This game is so cool. Love the art style and concept

Thanks for the reply. I got it work after a lot of tries but it seems to be working now. I'm unsure if it was Itch that was causing it to crash because it runs fine when opening it from the local file. Thank you though :)

I downloaded the game a few weeks ago and I tried to launch it, but it automatically closes. Is this a bug or my laptop? 

this is so pretty!

im so confused alienmelon made a game about birthdays and now this with the birthday crab. i feel like the universe is sending me a sign but idk what it is

why won't it let me download it? is there something i need to download before hand?

omg it's so hard to qrite a comment with the text box moving aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

omg i love this game! i could play for hours

thank you! i do love the game though and it has potential

ok, i know that is a prototype but the game lags so much for me that it is unplayable. notes delete themselves, the lag is unreal and there's a 20 second delay between me clicking on something and it actually doing that action

ok you need to stop thats the only reason im downloading the game

same I don't know how to fix it 

how do you get the plants to grow overhead? it wont let me 

At the end of the game after the cat goes crazy, there's a sleeping screen and i can move the arrow anywhere on the screen. is this a bug or meant to happen?

is there anyway to get to see the pictures? i've tried everything but nothing happens

no offence but what are you talking about? i cant find anything like that. please ellaborate x