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Radio Rabbit



About the game

Radio Rabbit is a local coop shoot ‘em up where two players control one more or less combined character. The character exists out of a rabbit’s body and a floating, still to the body connected, giant eye.
Each player controls one of them.

The rabbit’s goal is to fly safely through the level and to avoid enemies to reach the goal.  The Eye on the other hand can shoot. He is the one who clears the way. One character can move the other can shoot. So both player need to work together to fight of evil creatures and to complete the level.

•    explore the level to find the key which activates the portal gate
•    escape through the portal before the timer runs out
•    if you are to slow, the nuke will explode
•    use your character abilities, the rabbit can boost while the eye got the vision
•    you’ll get more powerful abilities from items such as a supershot
•    shoot as many enemies as possible to gain score
•    remaining time at the end of each level gets added to the score

•    2 Player couch coop
•    4 level + tutorial
•    an epic boss fight
•    fully gamepad supported (XBox or equivalent)
•    local high score

Grab a friend and check it out!
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback!



and ENJOY!

Yes I really did :) great video, keep it up!

Thank you for playing and recording, stay intouch! :)

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Hey thanks for playing and recording! :)

I have to agree that the game should communicate better with the player. Many people which I have watched playing had problems knowing whats going on, or were distracted by things like 200 drawer without content.

And also the 3 levers actually opened the metal door from the room with the axe. This was kinda communicated badly, since it was implemented very late.

You are actually the first one I have seen who tries to interpret the switchboard, which actually has no function (we thought about implementing a puzzle but we cut it since time was tight). But implementing it like this with maybe indicator lights would be cool too.

Never mind I actually think the game would need more polishing and an improved gamedesign, to communicate better with the player and improve functions, over more action.

Stuff like 200 openable drawer and notes getting picked up backwards is something what really kills the game flow.

Of Couse we thought about implementing something like a monster but we cut it really early since it would require much work to make it all look good, and we didnt have the time for that.

Anyway, how do you feel about the dynamically open and closable doors and drawer function and usability? Since it took you so long to figure it out, should it have been more clearly communicated via UI or so?

hey thank you for playing, recording and your feedback! :)

Since we developed this game in about a week, there was no time left to polish and to fix the ending (even to this point where you cannot see through walls (kinda missed that), I originally wanted the player to freeze in darkness, playing some music, fading into credits). We desided against a monster in this game because of our limited ressources like time, we instead focused more on the environment.

great video and commentary, did tell me much about userexperience of the game. (like 200 drawers openable...without content not great idea.... ;D)

keep it up man and stay in touch :)

Hi thank you for playing and replying! Kinda know you would play it :)

Yes I am looking foward to continue developing games! Thank you

thank you for playing and recording! :) Im realy glad you guys like it

hey :)

thank you for playing and recording! I had much fun watching you play :). I love the way you slapped the doors open :D

almost any drawer is interactable, but only specific ones contain important things (desks).
there was too litte time left at the end of the development to place more props and decoration object. But I honor that you opend every drawer :D. Many do this i guess and I kinda feel bad for not placing enough to find ;D

Your ending wasnt realy much different to others...i guess^^

I havent assumed that the player will turn around, and I also missed that walls won't be rendered from backside. I originaly wanted the player to freeze in darkness, playing some music, fading into credits :)

Thank you very much!

thank you for playing and replying! :)

thank you very much for playing and recording!

I had much fun watching you play. Great video!

Yes you are supposed to, kind of. But you are not supposed to turn around thou ;D I wanted the player to freeze in darkness, playing some music, fading into credits. Time got tight at the end, so we couldnt implement some cool features. (like the tv turning on ;))

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Hallo Rostiger Renter! (siehst doch garnicht so rostig aus ;))

Ersteinmal vielen dank fürs spielen auf aufzeichnen! Es hat mich sehr gefreut deinen Kommentar sowie das Gameplay von dir zu sehen. Ich werde mir auf jedenfall dein ganzen Lets Play anschauen :). Was ich bisher gesehen habe, und ich weiß nicht ob es an deiner Aufnahmesoftware liegt, aber es scheint etwas ruckelig. Wenn du Probleme mit der Performance hast versusch doch mal die Qulitätseinstellung beim Launcher auf eine niedrigere Einstellung zu setzen . IdR sollte das Game soweit optimiert sein das es bei halbwegs guten Hardware komponenten flüssig laufen sollte (eig ;), wenn nicht shame on me).

Wir hatten bei der Entwicklung einige Features erst kurz vor Ende eingefügt. Zudem auch 3 Schalter (an den Rohren) welche im Level versteckt sind. Diese öffnen eine Metall-Tür (Hausmeisteraum), dort drin findet sich ein Schlüssel im Schreibtisch, ein anderer ist im Startraum und der Letzte hängt an einem Kreuz ;).

English short translation:

Many thanks for you for playing and recording my game! I'm realy happy you like and enjoyed it!

Tips for finding all Keys:

- first key is in a desk in the startroom

- second key is on a cross in a small room

- third key is in the janitors room, which opens only if you activate 3 levers hidden in the level, first is also in the starting room

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The Basement

About the game

The Basement is a first person horror environment exploration game.

You as the player awake in a dark and lost basement. You don’t know where you are or even why you are at this point. It is on you to explore this lost place. So grab your flashlight from the table and try to get out!

  • scavenge for information
  • explore and find the objects of your need
  • dynamic open- and closable doors and drawer
  • an oppressive environment
  • some scary moments
  • but no real jump scares or monster


Developer comment

Hey guys!

I made this game during a game jam at our college with 7 other Students within a week. We used Unity3D version 4. All credits are in game. During the game jam there were no other restrictions than the time, there was no theme. The trailer was also made during this week. This game is much more an environment and atmosphere demo than a real polished horror game.

I hope you check it out and enjoy this game!
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback!