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Radio Rabbit – A radioactive couch-coop game. 2 Player - 1 Character

A topic by sZokka created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 129
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Radio Rabbit


About the game

Radio Rabbit is a local coop shoot ‘em up where two players control one more or less combined character. The character exists out of a rabbit’s body and a floating, still to the body connected, giant eye.
Each player controls one of them.

The rabbit’s goal is to fly safely through the level and to avoid enemies to reach the goal.  The Eye on the other hand can shoot. He is the one who clears the way. One character can move the other can shoot. So both player need to work together to fight of evil creatures and to complete the level.

•    explore the level to find the key which activates the portal gate
•    escape through the portal before the timer runs out
•    if you are to slow, the nuke will explode
•    use your character abilities, the rabbit can boost while the eye got the vision
•    you’ll get more powerful abilities from items such as a supershot
•    shoot as many enemies as possible to gain score
•    remaining time at the end of each level gets added to the score

•    2 Player couch coop
•    4 level + tutorial
•    an epic boss fight
•    fully gamepad supported (XBox or equivalent)
•    local high score

Grab a friend and check it out!
Please feel free to leave comments and feedback!


and ENJOY!