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Thank! I've reported this to the plugin authors.

The second address does not seem available under HTTPS. (Which is no obligation of yours to fix, but it might be an issue to some people.)

Hi! I'm getting the following error message when loading the page.

I'm using Firefox on Linux.

Just FYI I've played it before and it's great.

I'm glad you've liked it!

The "Export" button is actually not a character exporter. It exports the history of the user's interactions with the generator. It's there because the published version is a debug build.

Thanks! It's not as polished and diverse as I hoped for, but I managed to salvage it last minute by leaning into a theme a little. :)

Not the original poster, but I have this issue on a 1366x768 screen.

I'm pretty sure roughly half the screen height was occupied by an image that other Unity based games don't have. I'm not saying you have to fix it, you owe me nothing, but it sounds like something you should have control over. I guess that's yet another reason for me to avoid Unity.

The launcher window doesn't fit on my screen and can't be resized, so I can't even launch the game. It probably won't work for me (Unity-made Linux versions don't like non-Ubuntu distros), but you might want to fix it with other OSes in mind.

I'm on Arch Linux. It opens up in a fixed-size window that's bigger than my screen, so I can't see everything. (That's still better than most games work on non-Ubuntu distros, so props for that.)

Is it 10 (as the overview says) or 7 (as stated here) days?

Got the same info from the official client's devs