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Link to Guidelines and Resources Sticky

A topic by dto created Mar 30, 2016 Views: 345 Replies: 4
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Make a game in Lisp in 10 days. Guidelines and a HUGE crowdsourced list of resources/libraries are on the current jam page.

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Is it 10 (as the overview says) or 7 (as stated here) days?


Sorry, ten :)

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Hey there! I have a quick list of resources about Racket, a Lisp you don't seem to have listed in the Overview:

Racket used to be a Scheme, but has since grown into its own language with lots of modern features: http://racket-lang.org/

Examples of games written in Racket: http://docs.racket-lang.org/games/

Realm of Racket is a book where you learn Racket by making games: https://www.nostarch.com/realmofracket

Jay McCarthy's Get Bonus! system is an example of doing SNES-inspired game development in Racket: https://github.com/get-bonus/get-bonus. Watch the RacketCon video for an idea of how it works:

Neil Toronto's Pict3D library lets you build interactive 3D scenes right in DrRacket: https://docs.racket-lang.org/pict3d/index.html. There's a video for it too, but it's less focused on games:


added :)