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The launcher window doesn't fit on my screen and can't be resized, so I can't even launch the game. It probably won't work for me (Unity-made Linux versions don't like non-Ubuntu distros), but you might want to fix it with other OSes in mind.

Hi szabba. The unity launcher window I have no control over as it's completely controlled in the Unity back-end side of things. I will be looking into this though and see if I can find a solution.

I'm pretty sure roughly half the screen height was occupied by an image that other Unity based games don't have. I'm not saying you have to fix it, you owe me nothing, but it sounds like something you should have control over. I guess that's yet another reason for me to avoid Unity.

I see. I'll have a look into it for the next update and see if I can remove the image giving more space for the window, or if there's an alternative from just clicking the buttons. If you could send me a screenshot through my twitter @NullVoid_Dev that would be awesome.