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Fun game, captain purrcard is amazing!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The music is made by Kubbi, you should check him out on youtube if you want to hear more.

Really fun and challenging, I often lost just before finishing a level but it is a really great game.

I did! I actually thought I might not be able to beat it but I did xd

Great idea! The game fits the theme really well and I found it quite difficult but really fun!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

The game looks good but the gameplay and feedback is not that great. Also the game doesn't really fit the jam theme, it's more of a basic topdown shooter. Congrats on finishing it in 48 hours though!

Fun game with great puzzles. I love the way you tell the ninja frog what to do!

Great game! Story is nice and spooky.

Fun little game, turning into a werewolf you can't control is a great idea!

Nice game, after a few levels it gets more and more complicated.

Cool game, I like it!

Very fun game, the art style is great!

Great game, the errors and blue screen is really funny!




Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Thanks! I'm glad it made you laugh! ^^

Arrowspace is a game about defeating Space Creatures and getting to the highest wave possible.
Also there are multiple weapons to make it more fun!

So I've been working on a TopDownShooter for a few weeks and i finally
finished it so i would like people to try it and share their opinion.
The game is about collecting souls from enemies to unlock bosses.
With every boss defeated you get a boost for movement and shoot speed.
Also you can unlock cheats at the end of the game.

Link to the game:


Thanks for the video sarahja! I'm glad you liked the game and i will be updating the game probably adding a scoreboard in future.

Just finished the game and is amazing.
One of my favorite games ive ever played.