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The gameplay is a bit too easy compared to minesweeper and I seem to always get attacked by cultists on the first selection..... but it's pretty good to look at and play. Great job!

Yeah, I was thinking about expanding it to be like sticky jumping. Perhaps another game can take up the mantel.

Thanks for the heads up

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I mean, the game is an exercise in "Solving" Capitalism. A lot of the switches needed to complete the game are just magical on/off switches unrepresentative of the real world. I'd assume it's satire. 

10/10. Great puzzle game


Pix is a 2D platforming game by team Surprise!_Crabs? made in less than a month originally for a university game design course. Our small team of three is pretty excited about what we have made, and so we wanted to share it with the indie community! 

About the game:

Pix is a painter who uses his magical paintbrush to shape the world around him. Each world has a different art style, with different challenges and enemies. Pix will fight enemies, build platforms, navigate jumping puzzles, collect coins, and finally defeat a boss enemy. 

The game currently has 4 main levels, which make up one world. The prototype world includes pixel art recreations done in the style of Piet Mondrian. The mechanics are largely inspired by Shovel Knight, including a similar feeling bounce attack.

Going forward...

We are very interested in continuing to support Pix as long as we can, especially if there is some interest in it. We want to add at least 2-3 more worlds with different art styles, add more to the shop, and even have controller support. Please give us any feedback you have, either through or directly at

Enjoy these screenshots, and the game!