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Hmmm that’s weird, I’ll look into it!

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I got very ill early in development and was unable to devote as much time to the project as I would have preferred, which impacted both the length and quality of the game - I had much more planned, and I really would have liked to polish it up a bit more to address some of the issues you had mentioned. I do plan on continuing development in my free time, so hopefully I can improve those issues!

Oh no! I plan on continuing development, so I’ll see if I can shuffle some controls around to minimize mouse usage, but unfortunately, I don’t think I can completely get rid of it.

You totally nailed the idea of making people whole! Might have been a bit too metaphorical, seems like most people missed it, but I’m really happy that someone got it!

Part of it is that I’m more used to moving with WASD, so using the arrow keys was an adjustment for me, but most of the confusion I think had to do with not understanding the mechanics or objectives, so I didn’t understand what I was supposed to be accomplishing by hitting certain buttons. The biggest examples I can think of right now are 1) not knowing for a while what the numbers on the tiles meant (I thought they were attacks/abilities and the number was how many times you could use them) and 2) thinking shuffle tile meant that after you placed a tile you could push them around the grid

Really fun, catchy game! I found there was a bit of sound effect fatigue with the shooting sounds, and maybe some variation would have helped - I have to take off my headphones because the sounds were getting annoying. Also, a few times the enemy bullets wouldn't move offscreen of get destroyed, causing be to fly into them two or three rounds after the enemy was actually defeated. The art was great though, and I feel like I could keep playing for a while. Great job!

Super cool game! I'm really impressed that you managed to get a very polished cutscene into the game in the time limit! I found that the text occasionally changed a bit too fast, and I would have loved to be able to control when it changed. I also felt that there were a bit too many mechanics introduced too quickly - maybe just one attack would have been enough. Other than that, absolutely fantastic! I'm really really impressed by this game!

Honestly, I found this game kind of frustrating to play. It took a while to figure out the controls, then longer to figure out what 'place right piece, place left piece, shuffle right piece, shuffle left piece' actually meant, what I was supposed to do, and the overall objective.  I also had such little health and too many enemies, two hits and I was out every time. On the plus side, I loved the graphics and audio! Great presentation.

Cool game! It was fun to play! I'm also a fan of dark themes, so that was great to me! The difficulty scaling was pretty fantastic until that last level, which I found got frustrating pretty quickly. Also, I didn't see the obstacle in the first level until after I'd walked into it a couple of times. Maybe add a red glow around it like you did with the rest of the hazards? Other than that, fantastic work! 

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm planning on continuing development, so this really helps! I'm glad you liked the characters! Yeah, I unfortunately didn't have time to add an end screen, but if everyone was in the lobby by the end, then you finished everything. I know the left click and enter was a little funky, I took a break mid development and didn't remember what I'd used previously, so the controls got weird. I'll clean that up going forward. You do have to be within range to interact with characters/objects, I'll add an effect to make that clearer! Thinks again!

Planning on doing all of that, just had  a pretty hectic week! Will add all that tomorrow. All assets other than sound are my own

Cool game! The mechanics are super fun :)

The difficulty spike is definitely pretty high and I couldn't get very far, but I really like your concept and enjoyed the part that I played :)

Super fun little game! I enjoyed it a lot! I wish there were more levels, I could play this for hours!

Thank you so much for this! I literally got teary eyed reading your comment, I'm so glad you liked the game. And I'm really happy I was able to help your girlfriend feel better, too. This game was definitely a bit of a vent piece for me, so knowing that it can help others feel better too is truly amazing to me. Thank you for sharing this!

Great job making a spooky atmosphere!

Sorry about that, I didn’t know having a donation option would be an issue, since it’s just an option. It’s off now though!

Really cool mechanic! This was a super fun little game, keep it up!

The aesthetic of this game was so stunning and peaceful, good job!

This is a really interesting mechanic! Took me a while to get the hang of it, but I was definitely motivated to keep trying for a while!

This was such a fun little game! I actually jumped at the end when I lost. 10/10 would recommend if you're looking for a fun short horror experience!