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Explore - Battle - Collect

Spirit Monsters is a Real Time 3d Monster Catching game currently featuring:

- 8 different playable characters.

- Full Real Time combat

- Customizable party of 3 different Spirit Monsters


Please note this is an early prototype of the game I hope to build. All the 3d art assets, music and concepts are designed and created by myself a solo developer. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Will be sure to check the intro, its a shame that the music gets a bit repetitive, but as I make my own compositions, they will grow in time I'm sure!

I feel you in regards to the tooltips, its something I have to work on.

Thank you for your feedback.

Nice idea, and fluid controls. I liked how the lights depicted the player and enemies sight! Good work!

I loved how you swapped the idea of most games on its head. The objective to die, rather than survive.

Brought back the days of Splinter cell, everytime I saw the search light my heart raced. Good stuff.

Thank you all for the kind words!

Enjoyed this puzzle game. Had me hooked for 20 mins at least trying to figure out all the puzzles. Your use of sound and ambience works really well. Good job!

Loved the voice work! Pahaha. Great controls, and fluid gameplay!

Loved your fish character. Though personally I found getting the fish where I wanted it to go was a bit difficult. The art works well, and the music sets a good theme.

I had some good fun with this one. Nice addictive gameplay, and really enjoyed the upgrades.

I don't have a controller so couldn't test your game unfortunately, therefore I feel it is unfair to rate your game, as I haven't actually played it.


Noted, the world is always a bit more satisfying when you know how much damage you're doing, will be sure to keep that in consideration for future builds.

Loved your MachinesAndHeroes, had so much fun with it!


Hey Thank you for trying the game. Firstly you made it to 38k?! That's awesome. I like your idea of adding things to collect for points. I agree that hit particles would help for you to identify when you have hit an enemy. I appreciate your constructive comments!


Thank you, I enjoyed BlockToys too.


Noted, the world is always a bit more satisfying when you know how much damage you're doing, will be sure to keep that in consideration for future builds.

Loved your MachinesAndHeroes, had so much fun with it!

Had so much fun playing this one. Problem solving, and innocent sweet violence. Good stuff. Thank you!

Loved your camera in the game. Works very smoothly and adds to the feel of the game. I missed a soundtrack, but it didn't distract me too much. I liked your customization in this. Great concept and execution.

Always fun messing around with physics. ;)

What a fun, simple and well explained game. Good work!

Loved your main character. I feel it was missing a good sound track to accompany your awesome character and idea. Overall, it all comes together. Good STuff

Right Up my street. Love Tower defence games... with the addition of a controllable character.. A well put together and polished game. Thank you!

Enjoyed this one, It was fun and nicely polished. Good stuff. I like your scene transitions!

Loved the flip side of this game, and the duke nukem quotes brought back some good memories. Good stuff!

Loved your characters and feel of this game. For me the character moved just a little too fast making it difficult for me to jump between the obstacles. I know with addition of sound effects this game would be amazing! Good work, thank you.

Great concept, just got a bit lost in all the controls. I liked your explosion effects!

As awesome as this game looks, unfortunately when I played the game, it seemed to have glitched. No controls are responding. Downloaded your file twice, still get the same glitch... but then again it might still be my hardware... my laptop did die...

Hey Grandboom,

I have to say this is one of the most constructive feedback comments I have had so far. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

It's funny you mention the focus fire, I had accidentally come across the behaviour but unfortunately artistically the beams didn't line up. But will definitely make a good addition to the GIGA titan.

Hey invent room, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your play through of Golem Heart for the Ludum dare mini jam. I have just entered the dive jam found here; . I wondered if you wanted to play through the contestants games there. I can post a message in the discord, so you can potentially get some more views. My Entry is called Convict Torpedo ;)

Looks great, I love your camera effect! I've been nearly pulling my hair out trying to sort mine!

Really enjoyed this game, and loved watching the behind the scenes.

All I can say is thank you! You single-handedly inspired me to pursue game development, and taught me how to rig my very first character! Your tutorial was invaluable for me, especially the rigging in blender. You helped me grow, and all I can say is Thank you!

Keep doing what you are doing, it is amazing.

I know you must have a busy schedule, and I don't expect immediate answers, but I would love to hear how you started out in game Development.

Kind Regards,

A coffee addict (AKA Sunrock)

Thank you for including me in your lets play, you are officially the first person to ever feature me in a lets play. So I thank you. Will be sure to keep you updated on my developments and will take into consideration your comments. Also I have shared your youtube page on my facebook wall. Hopefully I can help you to grow your channel!

Thank you once again!

Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it. Loved your character in Super Mech Bros!

Really enjoyed the overall theme of this game. Reminded me of the good old DOS games. Well polished, and well thought out puzzles. Good work. Thank you

Love the art style before I've even downloaded it. Your page looks great!

You main menu is very well done, I loved the 8 bit theme. The mechanics are all there and can see this evolving into a nice game. Me personally, I lost patience after dying numerous times on the second man obstacle. Perhaps some checkpoints could be incorporated?

Thank you for your effort. I think it is a fun little game.

Laptop finally bit the dust... but I am so glad I managed to release this. Thank you for your support!

After trying all of the games, I can't seem to get any of them to work. Were they built for x86 platform?

Hi all,

Well after the uphill battle with hardware and software I have managed to build it. You will find the game here:

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. :D

Thanks man.

On the end of my first day. It will be posted by 8am (GMT) Thursday morning. I haven't played any of the other ones posted yet, to simulate what the jam would have been like, but I am looking forward to palpatine simulator!!

I Appreciate your support.