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Originally areas were blocked off, ya. An example of this is the flower glove being used as a large spring, letting you access high-up areas that were previously too high to reach.

As of now, we don't know whether or not we plan to continue this, since it was mostly made just for this jam and to test out the dual-wielding mechanic. Maybe in the future we'll flesh it out more!

Thanks for your feedback! Ill comment in order:

  1. The maze-like structure of the game was what we intended to have, but due to time constraints we ended up trying to block off areas that were incomplete. Inherently, it was a completely bad idea in hindsight that we left out a map, so we're at fault. Next time, we'll be sure to add a map to future projects!
  2. Initially, we planned to have enemies drop currency, healing items, and other things. Due to time constraints, we ended up dropping the shop system we had in mind, and moved healing to appropriate areas instead. Thanks for telling us this, though, since it means we'll focus on incentivizing on defeating enemies in our future projects!
  3. Like the above statement, a lot of the collectibles/items we planned were eventually dropped due to time. Originally, we planned on having the player collect different pieces of equipment that would be gained through talking with npc's continuously, which is why they have an absurdly large amount of text per npc. Exploration was also originally something we focused on, which is why theres a lot of dead end paths marked with an X in the current build. Due to time, we ended up having to focus entirely on getting the main narrative down instead, since that was our bulk of the 1 hour requirement for the gamejam.

Again, thanks so much for feedback! It helps us know what we can improve on next time!

thanks so much for this indepth review! Ill reply in the order you commented.

We've gotten a lot of complaints about the 3rd area being difficult to explore, and that's on us for not providing a map. Our future projects that are similar to metroidvanias will attempt to have a map system, so thanks for that!

From what my designer told me, there are a total of 8 gloves, 2 of which are secret ones. You managed to find one of them!

The issue with distinguishing backgrounds/tiles/enemies is very prominent, and I agree with you completely that it is difficult to discern. One way we will try to avoid that in the future is by having a darker outline on things that can be interacted with, while making the background less prominent. Thanks for this bit of feedback!

thanks for the feedback!

keyboard options are definitely something considered for future games, since one of our own team members also prefer wasd!

getting lost is also a common complaint we get, so we'll try to do a better job next time! the area in question seems to be one of the later areas, so hopefully you find your way out since youre near the end!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I agree with all that you said wholeheartedly. My team didn't have enough time to playtest our own game, since we were still doing things right up to the deadline, which is why a majority of it feels bare bones. This also lends to the issue of there not being much variety in enemy types, and the bosses not being tested well enough for balance.

We will take what you said and do our best to apply it to our future games!

thanks for the feedback! The reason why I didn't make the camera dynamic is due to me wanting the scrolling aspect to be an obstacle in itself. The game gets considerably easy once it's removed, due to the player being able to climb at their own pace.

Thanks so much for taking your time to make a video on this! And ya it gets pretty frustrating to play starting new :(