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Hey great game! Its really a great concept, but it could have been better if you had explained about the game better, it was more like playing and then understanding the game type of experience, also the ghost got spawaned on that soldier, so immediately it collided with that haunted thingy, maybe it requires a slight realignment of the player spawning position, but art and concept is just amazing!

Hey thanks a lot! Yes we shall improve the camera controls, and that was a 3d object with a very less height!All bugs shall be fixed soon! Also follow me on itch to be notified when we update the game!

5 Stars in everything! What a great game! Visuals are really good! I like the level design and the concept is great! Just reduce that grainy vignette effect! Other than that its great!

I just wanted to thank all those people who spent time and rated and reviewed my game! This was my first jam and now I understand the awesomeness of jams, and how we can learn so much by participating in a jam! I have a lot of reviews that would help me improve the game, and so yeah I will update the game accordingly! Very excited to see how the game fares after bug fixes and improvements :D! Also if one you reading this would like to rate this game , then here is the link

Thank you Noa for hosting this wonderful jam and thanks to everyone who reviewed and rated my game!



Ahh the music is so good! Sad that you couldnt finish it on time, but i really love the music and those tiny green character animations ! Its so soothing to move just because of the music!

Oh okay lol

Hey would be glad if you could play my game! Played yours a few days ago!

Hey thanks a lot! We couldnt do more in 5 days time(not 7 days), but we shall improve the game soon! Please do follow me on itch to be notified when I update the game :D

Overall a 5 star game!Very great implementation of the theme! The levels are fun to play with proper toughness, and the music is really good! Visuals are not the best! But pretty good! But a very great game and I played it for quite a long time lol

Great concept and i like the visuals, although they are some premade asset! 

Hey thanks a lot for your review! We shall fix the camera issue soon, we really couldnt do more as we had only 5 days to create this! The tree was a last minute collider issue, and that shall be fixed soon and we are planning to add more tracks with different difficulties along with this track! Please do follow me on itch do be notified when the game gets updated! Thanks!

I currently have 48 ratings, would love to hit the 50 mark soon! Also I shall rate your game if you rate my game ! Thanks

Sound was too faint,i could properly hear that typing sound when the text was played only when the sound was at 100! Increase the volume and add music! But visuals are really great! Nice game overall!

Hey thanks a lot! Please do follow me on itch to be notified when I update the game :D

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Hey thanks a lot! Yes we shall update the game soon and fix it! I shall definitely fix the controls!We couldnt do more in 5 days time that we had for this game! Also please do follow me on itch to be notified when we update the game!

Hey  i rated and played yours many days ago! Please do check my game, rate it and review it!Thanks

Or give me some time I shall install some software that can run this!

Hey this has so many ads, wherever i click i can see only ads! Wouldnt it be easier if it was published with a secret link on itch or on google drive? I tried pressing download , but where i click it takes me to an ad

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Hey i had already rated and reviewed your game 3 days ago :d

Hey thanks a lot! We shall improvement controls soon! I agree with that! We couldnt get more stuff done as we had only 5 days to  make it and not a week :d,Also please do follow me on itch to be notified when I update the game!

Hey thanks a lot for streaming my game in the video! A lot of them mentioned the camera issue and found the game a bit too challenging! We shall fix that pretty soon tho! We couldnt do a lot of play testing given that fact that this game was created in 5 Days and not a week! Also follow me on itch to be notified when this game gets and update :D

Also funny that we had chosen the same music lol

Coincidentally even our game has got a similar concept! Lesser the speed of the car, more is the fuel consumed! However it has a lot of bugs as we created it in 5days, would be glad if you could check it out tho!

Hey i checked ,rated and reviewed your game, would be glad if you did the same ! Thanks

Excellent game for a first game! Needs a lot of improvement tho! Great one for a first game!Add music, proper UI and better visuals! Also please do look at my game :D

Hey just rate and review our game, and I shall also play your game in return!Thanks

We created this buggy game in 5 days , hope you like it :d

Hey we created this game in 5 days, and the mechanic was lesser the speed more is the fuel consumed that makes the player to go faster! Due to UV issues, we had a weird look, The tree issue shall be fixed pretty soon, and the fuel was kept at the corner with toughness at mind, we might reduce the toughness soon!We did use an asset for the car and it has been clearly mentioned in credits according to the rules of the jam

 Also follow me on itch to be notified when I update the game and then let me know your view on it!

Hey thanks a lot for your feedback! Yes we are going to fix the camera issue! Please do follow me on itch to be notified when I update the game :D

Hey great game! I like the visuals! But it would have been better if the first letter of each sentence was a capital letter! It kinda would have been better! Also it would be great if we were able to skip the dialogues when we replay the level! Otherwise great game!

Np, also would be glad if you could check my game! Thanks

Great visuals but the third level itself was challenging! The concept is really great, loved the peaceful music running in the background! But maybe work on slowly increasing difficulty for the levels!

Oh okay thanks for your feedback, Did you rate it a few hours ago? if yes then there is no glitch! Maybe it was you who rated a few hours ago! Rated and reviewed your game! Check it out :D

Hey thanks a lot! Any feedback ? Also my rating hasnt increased.. Did you save the rating? Will play your game soon!

Hey thanks a lot! I forgot lol! I unfortunately cant run .rar files,i can run zip files as i have the tool to unzip them tho! Would be glad if there was a zip version or a web version! You could maybe share the zip file in a new link and share it here! I shall review that and then rate your game :d

Hey i like the way you make such a big detailed review! Would be glad if you could review mine as well, thanks

Please play our game that was made in 5 days! Thanks

Hey np! Also please do check my game if possible :d

Hey, sadly i cant run .rar files, it would have been better if there was a zip file as my computer can run that by unzipping it! But i cant do the same with rar files!Sorry! But hey if you upload a zip version in  the future(or if you create a secret link for me to try it during the jam time), do let me know, I shall do try it!