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Thank you!

The buttons are hooked up the wrong way around. Didn't catch it during the jam though...


As far as I can see it, the evaluation of the result is correct, but the feedback that is displayed is wrong. Will fix it...

Yeah... I shouldn't have used the physics engine to keep the dots in bounds... 😅

Lots of fun! I love the different passengers!

But I didn't fully understand, how switching works. Always when the timer runs out?

Loved it! I want more levels! Only the next-level screen was obnoxiously large!

And I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with ecosystem simulations...

Love the idea! Is there any heuristic in the Fred AI or is it random?

The only thing I didn't like was that the tutorial text automatically advances. Let the players take their time reading!

Love the idea! Would love to see the daughter AI!

It could be a bit clearer, which areas are currently messy... And it's a bit annoying that it's an immediate game over, once the daughter touches the dad.

It was a bit confusing in the beginning, a few more explanations and examples would have been great. But the idea is definitely great!

My biggest problem, however, was that the game window was way too big for an in-browser game. Scrolling down to read the explanation, for example, was barely possible while playing.

Great idea, lots of fun! However, with a different keyboard layout it's impossible. Just using the letter and number keys would have been enough, in my opinion.

Too hard for me in level 3, but an amazing experience overall! 

Since it's a jam game, I won't talk about minor things or polish and focus on the main impressions it made on me instead. Without any particular order...

  • It's super fun! And I want to play it on my phone!
  • The gameplay itself is of course very simple. But the graphic and sound design make it highly entertaining! Were they less good, the game would have much less appeal to replay it.
  • A triple tap is rather hard for me. Maybe my hand or my keyboard are suboptimal.
  • It also took me a while to teach my muscles which colour means which command. But that was expected. Since the coolest colour is in the middle, it was rarely a problem.
  • I couldn't fully understand how the energy deduction works. In particular, it is not clear when the tap command has to be finished. When all rails have appeared? Lead to some frustration when I was 100% convinced I was fast enough with my triple tap. Also, I don't understand why I lose a specific amount of energy when I do.
  • Since you're using bright, primary colours it might be tricky, but I found it a bit weird that the energy bar has one of the rail colours.
  • The background looks a bit too interesting...? I was often distracted and not focussing on the rails... 😅

Very entertaining, but rather hard.

Some weird glitches with the meshes. But super fun to play!

Great game! But a little bit hard to control...

OMG, Sam Lloyd! And the game's great, too!

Too hard to control for me. Maybe my fingers are just stupid... But the game itself is amazing!