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Rad! I loved playing this.

Very relaxing, I love it! (:

Fun, but I wish the player had less health.

I couldn't get it to work - stuck on press a/x to continue scree

I enjoyed this quite a bit! However, there are a few improvements I would suggest adding. First, having the gun you can't shoot a certain type of enemies with while those are the only enemies left alive just made the player wait for the next gun without opening up any more possibilities. Second, the waiting time for new guns overall felt far too long - maybe if you hit an enemy with the gun it skips the loading time altogether? Third, the grenade launcher often just felt useless. Other than those things, though, this was pretty polished, presented well, and fun!

I played this online with someone on the gmtk discord, and unfortunately I didn't get enough time in that I think I can properly rate it. However, it did seem very polished.

Great game! Made me feel surprisingly in control of the out-of-control mechanics. I beat it on hard! (:

Thanks! [SPOILER] As it happens, you are able to open and close the umbrella later on in the game.

Brilliant and fun from start to finish. And it had a nice story and great written and unwritten humor. 4/5 fun, 5/5 originality, 4/5 presentation, 5/5 overall

A wildly inventive idea, and put a smile on my face when I played it. I do wish it had been 30 seconds instead of 20, though, i was never even able to reach the fourth patient.

Fun and super-polished! would work great as a mobile game.

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I really, REALLY, enjoyed this game. The core loop of mastering how you jump up the falling blocks in midair is very fundamentally engaging and brilliant. However, I had a few gripes. I found the ice-y physics very frustrating most of the time while I played. I also had a problem where I would get crushed because i was on top of a block while it "bounced" upwards. I also would prefer if I had more information about what's below me/everything below me got deleted as the screen moved up, so I would be certain whether or not I would die if I fell into a pit. Overall though, I thought it was brilliant how in a very vertical game, you move horizontally slowly and jump super high, jumping up falling blocks felt great, and the game was fun.

Looks and feels great! I really enjoyed playing this. Given how much you hyped up the game being unfinished in the description, this feels very polished and finished.

Super clever idea! As has been said already, it would be nice to see what my current movement keys are, but the puzzle of the game is here already, and it is great.