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suggestion: a way to export art :D

the enemies only jump when they touch any wall

and yes I will add all the suggested features on the next update :D

thank you for the suggestions!

Ahh sure will add it!

thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for the suggestions! will implement them in the future :D

pretty sus ngl


okay :)

hehe thanks!

Thank you for such detailed feedback!

Thank you for liking the game 😊

also, i will fix the issues :)

nice smol game

really fun to play!

Thank you!

also sure I'll check it!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Also, every time you kill one enemy, you get an extra bullet :)

haha Thanks

Will fix the issues 

Thanks for the feedback!

Ye sure will work on this in future

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hehe, thank you!! :)

Thank you soo much for that lovely feedback!!!

Thank you soo much!!

actually the game is made in two days so yeah :)

evil laughter intensifies >:) 

but also thank you!

you can see the instructions if you get stuck :)

I just got addicted to this game lol

at first, it took me some time to understand what do I have to do but the sound effects explained everything

and the fact that this game is made in 4-5 hours is incredible

Really Nice game! even tho I was only able to play the baby mode as I am not a "Pro Gamer" lol.

really liked the visuals and the sounds.


I am really happy that you had fun playing the game!

and yes, the boss fight can be cheated easily XD. I exactly dunno why I didn't add blocking to the enemies but I guess it is ok :)

lol thanks!!

epic game! lightweight and really fun as it gives a retro feel on the console



Thank you!!


Thank you! and sure!

Thank You!

Thank You!!

Thank You!

will fix the issues 

Thank You! 

i will work on stuff

Lol I made the game in 3 hours so yeah

Thank You for the feedback tho :)

Thank You! will work on the repetitive part soon

Thank You!

ah yes actually the music is made seamless but I am just so dumb that I forgot to put that in a loop 

and yes, I will work on the game in the future also thank you so for such nice ideas and feed back :D