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Hey, this is a great submission! You did really well to hit the theme, it looks like you used the color palette too? Really solid work, good job! :)

Great job on this game! I especially liked the ability to move objects. It was difficult, but worked very well and I found no real glitches. I also liked that you got fired instead of died - you did really well to set up a unique situation, though simple, it was very creative!

I gave full marks on creativity and fun!

Really fun! Those birds were no match for me holding down the horn button! Only suggestion would be a cooldown on that ability, which would force players to use it strategically.

Great submission, thanks for sharing! :)

No problem! I hope you get a chance to play and rate my game as well, I'd love to get your feedback.

No problem! I hope you get a chance to rate and leave feedback on my game, too! 

Haha, no! The whole fight he blocked until I stayed away long enough, then I punched him 5 times. Repeat until he died. Then once his life was gone I lost control, the leaf man did a little dance, a then he punched me like 10 times before falling over. I LOLed so loud!

Hope you get a chance to rate my game and leave some feedback, too!

Very impressive for three weeks' work! Sometimes the jump doesn't recharge when sitting on logs, but didn't run into anything else that detracted.

Great submission!

Dude, serious props for making a fighting game! Obviously the AI and such are just too much to deal with in such a short time, but what you have is impressive for just 3 weeks.

Loved the end of the fight.. right before he dies he pummels you.. wow, great touch!

Hey, I figured this out - it was my anti-virus adding "keylogger protection" to my browser. >_<

Hope you get a chance to check out my submission, rate and leave me some feedback!

Oh, boy - Linux black magic.. sorry for the inconvenience! >_<

Thank you! The environment art is by Triforge, and the character model is by Mixamo. We modeled the thorns, stumps, branches, and logs.

OK, thank for the details! So the game just crashes when you hit play? Is there an error message? I should get a Linux box running to test..

Bro, great submission! The music and story really work together - I gave high marks for aesthetic and creativity.

The art styles kind of clash, with characters being pixel and environment being smooth. As others noted, I didn't make it to back to day time and was defending my Wellheart during the first day. I like that idea, though, of having something separate to do during night/day.

Well done!

This is so cute! It's a little buggy, but it works. Thanks so much for sharing!

What a great idea! I gave full marks in creativity and technical. I love the 3d pixel style and simplicity of controls.

It was a bit too easy at the beginning. I didn't have to start ducking and dodging until about 9m, but that's when it started to get really fun. I know dialing in difficulty/timing tends to get put off, but all it needs is some polish in that area.

I actually played it with the sound off the first time and enjoyed it more than playing with the sound on. This is just opinion, but I think just music and no SFX would have been better than no music and repetitive SFX.

Overall, a fabulous submission - good job! :)

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I'll upload a Linux build today.

Those sneaky deadline crept up on us too.. I hope you can try our game, give it a rate and leave us some feedback! :)

Hey, looks like you were really onto something here! I like the idea of FPS / horde situation, and the scenery was cool!

I couldn't quite figure out how it worked, though. A description of the controls / gameplay would have been very helpful. The cursor not being locked was strange -- most FPS games should lock the cursor and only unlock it when the inventory is visible. Interacting with pumpkins with the UI was strange - an "interact" key press would've felt more natural.

Overall good submission! Keep making games! :)

Really cool! I've never been a big pinball fan, but this might be my favorite pinball game ever! Specifically because it has levels and a clear goal - that's why I think physical pinball machines are boring, I never felt like I knew if I was doing well or not or what I was trying to do besides not letting the ball back through.

Graphics are great, good sound - overall a solid submission, thank you!

I really liked this submission! Your art is really neat - glad to see a clear tutorial, simple controls, and gameplay. It took me a while to realize that when I died the whole thing was starting over. I never got past the first day because of how difficult it was to not take damage, and there was no way to recuperate life (that I could see).

Suggestions: It would have been cool to not be able to be hit (or become invisible to enemies) when in leaf piles. (I didn't see the reason for the leaf piles otherwise.) As mentioned, I felt it was too hard to not get hit. I thought the enemies should have only been doing damage when they're jumping at you (I don't think they should have damaged you when standing still.) I didn't make it past the first day - how do you get other weapons?

I think it's a very creative and thematic entry. Great job! :)

Thank you! The backgrounds are my favorite part. :)

Thanks so much, great feedback! The jump/getting stuck definitely needs fixed (it's a physics bug), and I think the camera should have transitions like Resident Evil instead of swinging around corners.

Thanks so much! The camera was our worst enemy on this one. The music was composed by some very talented Italians, specifically for this game - I was blessed! :)

That's great - I think we're all taking a lot away from this jam. I hope you have a minute to check out my game, leave a rate and some feedback! :)

I'm trying to think of how to expand on it.. More mechanics are needed. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I agree about the camera - it was a bit of an afterthought. Glad you liked the atmosphere, we "wasted" all our time in it. ;)

My pleasure! Our game needs some refinement as well, I hope you'll check it out, rate and leave us some feedback! :)

My pleasure! I hope you got a chance to try my game, rate it and leave some feedback! :)

I appreciate the simplicity in animations and sound. Very well done, as usual!

Great job on the tutorial, music, and art -- just a really good composition!

I probably missed something because I didn't understand what I could do to affect the scene besides planting carrots and picking things up. Was I supposed to place items in certain places, like separate them from each other?

I think you could really expand this if you redesigned the gameplay a bit. This is the kind of world you could spend a lot of time in -- why the day time limit? Think bigger -- honestly, this is a solid start at an Animal Crossing style game!

Good submission! The audio was great, overall well put together!

The squirrel animation is great, and I like the general gameplay idea.

I've noticed a general time limit ends up being a hard stop for anyone playing your game for any longer than that time. I didn't even know how well I did at the end!

So many great submissions! This was one of the better jams I've done. @Ema your submission is great, I'd love to hear what you think about The Legend of Doozy.

I couldn't help but give this a perfect score! It's fun, difficult, has progression, and neat art. Fabulous job - please keep making games! :)