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This is quite experimental of your own project.

Also the font size issue.

Sure thing.

Do you want to help with my wiki? Sorry for my inactivity a day ago because I'm very busy of my wiki. I know you are only one of mostly active members of the first and old "RPG Maker" wiki, and I'll help you for your page, MaulderLand. So, you can put characters, gameplay, development about the game, and gallery; except for the plot or story if you don't want any spoiler yourself like endings, but no. I don't need any excuse myself if you do spoil plots at risk. If you do write plots whole, put in "Spoiler" template. The reception is, I know, if you have Steam's rating or rating or anything positive/negative, that's it. That's very simple. For example: The Coffin of Andy and Leyley | RPG Maker Wiki | Fandom

Also, thanks for your help of getting rid of vandalism from the first wiki.

Here's a page for you: MaulderLand | RPG Maker Wiki | Fandom

I know it's similar to the old one, but you can do anything you want. (note: that link is "rpgm", not "rpgmaker".)

If you are still active, contact me here to help.

They are perspectives.

Similar to The Coffin of Andy and Leyley, they doxxing game developers like you.

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A short tale in a place with maggots and love by Fangsoft - Wordpress

RATING: 5 out of 5


The 3rd ending should be a "worst ending".

You're welcome, but this is my first time of playing this one of your series. Not False Mercy, not False Memories. I lied of saying about playing your game series for days until your game released, which I decided to play False Narrative as your first game that I played for the very first time.

I played your game in likely an half hour.

There are some good, some bad things you came what you done in the RPG Maker community. I'll say it "notorious", "cancel", "hate", "bizarre", and "provocateur" in the narrative form of RPG Maker game and single installment of the your own "False" game series, which I cannot describe what happened or something very bad happen to around these people they communicating who hate some RPG Maker developers like you, but some of them liked you for your games. Surprisingly, the UI features, title menu screen, animations, and experimental narrative on how to deal with hate and death threats, is simply impressed as the False series; except the battle feature is picky and bland to (BAN) fight against the haters.

As I see to review your relatively short game: I cannot rate your game positively or negatively, but I will give you as a "special review" and describe as "semi-autobiographical RPG Maker game with psychological elements" for doing rights and wrongs in your game, as well as I describe SigmaSuccour as "Lars von Trier and Black Mirror in RPG Maker games" for its experimental innovation and psychological narrative as your game dev trademark.

NOTE: Sorry, it's pretty lag to play enough a little bit, but I did finished a whole game as well.

I really like that game when you kissed more than 20 people including a dog and an alien, because of the weed that cause the playable character to smooch everyone. XD It's hilariously good enough for playing a very short LGBT game.

That was creative of you as well as I beat more than two minutes, but I died XD!

An adventure game follows an unnamed young woman awakes in a lucid dream-like unnamed world filled with dark-reddish minimalistic backgrounds.

Here is the link to download:

There are three endings depending on its walkthrough and death counts (none is good, once is bad, and twice is the worst which the latter where the main character is permanently dead and never playing the game again without it.)

Pressing ALT-F4 is a cheater.

If you want to get rid of 4 enemies after you encountered a torch, press X quickly and hold both SHIFT and Arrow Keys to run to the north side.

I appreciated your review a lot, and yeah, I have no to little interest in horror games. It will be perfect if I will making a meta-horror game with or without puzzle features.

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Thank you for playing my game, but you got the worst ending, known as "DEATH" (In which the main character is permanently dead). There are three endings in the game depending on its gameplay. (None is good, one is bad, and two is the worst. These are death counts.)

I know my grammars were pretty bad because English is not my native language (In reality, I'm Filipino), but I deeply appreciated you about my ideas like meta-data anti-cheat and permadeath systems inspired by RM2003 version OneShot, and Flash drama One Chance. So, I'm using MV to focus on its system for game jams without self-programming.

Also, the torch item was inspired by yours from YouTube which I found. (Sorry I forgot to credit it as "Special Thanks".)

You should not attack or hit the enemies due to their lives were infinity, in case, you have to flee from them.

You know about my grammar of mine, forget the writing and the cutscenes too because it's 100% unscripted. Just playing it as long as you reach the ends.

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I added the HTML version, but it's for hard mode only. If you want easy mode, there's a downloadable "Windows" version if you press "Life or Death's page".

I already submit my game two or three days ago and I wanted to ask someone here about my game;

LIFE or DEATH is just an experimental short game of mine about a patient who died of unknown causes. As time passes, Miles is now reincarnated into a dreadful nightmare world. If you don't understand the writing, ignore and play it properly. This will give you an experience with stress.

It's too harsh to write my game without a simple script because the reason why they don't understand the grammar at all is due to grammar issues, though I'm good at making a core concept about Uncharted-style health system and double-life permadeath system, which the latter you will never getting replay the game again after you got killed at the second time.

I wish to make it again for a textless adventure as a spiritual successor game someday.

I like that.

Ooh! I love it!

This is really good. I can't wait to play it first

Can you make v2 of Male Character as Employees or Workers?

Got it, THANKS!

Hi there, is there a way to use a plugin command for the map selection scene instead of the gamepad and keyboard buttons? It's like Waypoints/

I review this game well enough, and here's the below;

Through the beginning and the middle, I enjoyed the gameplay and exploration with themes of technology, 1980s-era, and political issues at first, but I didn't get more people because of the timer before the end credit. Afterwards, I thought it was bad because of the ending before I quit playing and again I changed my mind, after watching the end credit, it's a false ending, and find it hilarious. So I continued playing again and straight to the end. Overall, this game is amazing and enjoyable about the story and design, but this is my favorite game at the time and play it again soon.

Reaper of the Starless Sea is not a highly anticipated RM game this year, but it's a more promising RM game with farming simulations and psychological horror elements. Most RM games are likely used in horror-adventure games like OMORI and Yume Nikki due to their popularity. In case, ROTSS is using 1-bit monochrome graphics much more like the older ones, there is something intense on this theme well.

PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE is an interactive fiction game made in RPG Maker MV. Every five stories deal with the themes of conversation about food and friendship, as well as the dysfunctional relationship, love, hate, references to popular culture, and suicide.

Inspired by Dr. Joem Antonio's quote; it tells about a collection of narratives that hope to spark conversations on love—and by love, we don't simply mean the romantic kind. We believe that, to understand the nature of love, we need to look at its different types and how we, as human beings, express them.

Of course, it's my first project to be completed due to crunch time of over two and a half months (Jan 19 - April 9) before it was released on April 10, 2022. You can play it online or download it here for free.



Congrats on your game, but I'm really sorry about the (3rd and 4th) places on Choice Jam. I guess you've been almost inactive on Twitter, because I chat here for sure. So, keep up the good work! I have to try it via Joiplay.

Looks like I have to try this!