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Tower defens games are not my forte. I didn't get very far, but I had fun trying it out. Well done.

I like the artstyle. It seems simple, but it was harder than I thought. You have to be quick and use the torches strategically. It took me several tries. I was glad I could repeat the levels as many times as I wanted. Well done. 

I love the art! Had fun playing and finding new patterns. Very trippy game :-D More variety in the music would be nice.

Good job! I had really fun to play. 

Awsome sound and graphics. Looks like a lot of work! I destroyed the whole city. ;-) Fun to play.

Wow! I enjoyed to play your game. It took me a moment to get how to play it, but once i had a clue it completely hooked me! Nice job. I loved the art.

^^ it seems like the cocktailroach is a common difficulty.  thanks for playing!

Hooking game! I had to try several times. I couldn't handle driving the car ^^
Really nice job!

^^ I expected something else under the name bug rave. 

Nice sound! trippy graphics! bloody end!

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I'm amazed by your art style! It was funny, how the cars crushed into each other ^^ 

I had to play twice for an acceptable ranking.

Neat work.

Had a really good time playing your game!
I needed some levels to figure out how to move clever with the dash. ;-)
I like the art style too. Nice sound when you enter a new room! :-o

Really nice graphics and sound. It was fun to sneak arround. For me it took some time to find out the right moments to move, but once I've got them I managed to explore the whole map. I also think the dragging back time is quit long.

Thanks for the game, well done.

Wow I'm impressed by your work. Funny story and I loved how the sound effects emphasize the old faishoned comic style. Also the art is amazing!  Good job. I really  enjoyed playing.

Playing this game was a lot of fun. The gravity makes it very interesting but also chaotic. I certainly had plenty of luck while completing some of the levels.

I really loved to play your game. Usually I’m not into platformers at all and give up very fast. But your game made me keep trying. The checkpoints every time you touch solid ground saved me.

Great art for the characters too! Thanks for some entertaining time.

I really liked to play your game. The frog is very funny, and I enjoyed to jump past the different areas. Thank you for some entertaining minutes.