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Cheesecake Mermaid

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Oh thanks for the tip !

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I am enjoying the game so far however I get stuck at some of dialogue. It ends up freezing and get stuck on a still screen. Forcing me to restart the game(not mention I am not even sure how to save yet.So I have to start at the beginning)

And also this glitch happened

Thanks, I was making sure. I got bit nervous upon seeing two game icons

Which one is the game?

It was cute,definatly looking forward to see happens next

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Basically what the title says,I have recently got a new pc that can run games.So far I have played a  few UT fangames and visual novels,and I want to expand my horizons. So feel to suggest any free games that are compatible with windows!Also you can suggest more visual novels and other UT fangames(same with fnaf ,danganronpa,and bendy)  since like I said I have played few games so far.Not mention,they dont have to be on itch,they can also be on gamejolt or stream

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I am not finished playing yet but so far it's pretty adorable.

One compliant: Some of the words get cut off during dialogue. Like if some of words have the letters p or y,they will get cut off and only appear when the second(or bottom words) sentences finishes EDIT:

just finished,I loved it!!

Yeah,I heard about those, and I plan to stay away from them .Anyway, thanks for the help. I will make sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious games and do my research before downloading them.

I am bit hesitated to use sandbox but I will keep that in mind.I also check the comments in the games though its hard for me to tell because for all I know the scammer could make fake account and fake alive community who loves this game....that's what scares me the most about downloading stuff from here

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This is defiantly disheartening to read ,I downloaded couple of games off here and while they are safe(because I have  semi follow the creator's work),it's definitely putting me on edge to download games anymore especially off here.It doesnt seem worth if every game has high possibility of being a virus.

The best method I have come up with when first coming across a game is to check creator's previous work or see if the game has videos on it.If it does and I like what I see.I will download it and put it through couple of antivirus scans

I will do that too,I am just scared of downloading a game that seem interesting and just wreck my computer.I am even considering to stick to browser games instead since the risk seem very high

Okie doki, thanks for advice. I am still paranoid but I feel bit more reassured...

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I want download some games but I am paranoids that I will get a virus. Even from seemly popular games,it could all be faked...I am not sure what to do.I love playing games but I really dont want to get a virus

It was pretty cute,I love it.I am looking forward for the full game