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Strange World

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Genial el juego y la idea!! Me ha gustado mucho.

Gracias por jugarlo Flink!! Añadir un puntero hubiera sido una buena idea la verdad y sobre la cámara, puedes ajustar en opciones la sensibilidad.

Fantastic use of post-processing/lightning :)

Me reí muchísimo con esté juego!!!

Thanks!! :)

100+ very funny!

I really liked how game feels and the skil is very interesting.

I love this type of games but didnt have someone to play with right now :(

Fit very well with the theme! And I like the concept

Very addictive game!

It's an animation.
I also wanted to use some particles but didn't want go over time, thanks!!

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I wanted make it little difficult but maybe its too much.. anyway thanks for playing it!

Great game & pixel art.

Very fun concept!!

I enjoyed it a lot ^^

Very interesting idea

I love your art! :)

Thanks!! I´m happy that you enjoyed it. Didnt notice about time delay >_< hahah

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After uploading the game I saw that you used a similar art ... it is a free asset, our music is different and the gameplay is totally different. We had a similar idea but I have not copied you :(, just a coincidence