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I think the game saves persist if you uninstall the game but just in case, you should find them roughly here:


If they aren't obvious there try searching for "wolf and hood".

I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Sorry, I only just saw this.  Could you let me know which version of the package you're using and what version of Unity you're using it with, please?  

Thank you!

That's a great question and I'm afraid it's a bit complicated so bear with me.

Option 1) if you're comfortable with SVG paths then you can create your own version of the JigsawSvgGenerator (called from the JigsawPuzzleGenerator at line 612).  This is what currently creates the SVG path for the whole puzzle before that gets converted into vertices and UVs by the VertexGenerator (at line 629).  

Option 2) get rid of the SVG generator entirely and instead replace the VertexGenerator with your own system to create the pattern you want (both vertices and UVs for each piece are currently created by the GeneratePuzzleVertices() method in the VertexGenerator).

You should be able to leave everything else more or less as-is as long as the vertices and UVs you create are sensible.

For both of these options you will need to make sure the puzzle pieces stay roughly square (+/- 20% or so) as the puzzle manager relies on a grid-like pattern to work properly, but otherwise I think you can create any sort of shape along the sides of the pieces.

I hope that helps get you started.  If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter ( or e-mail directly (tim at  

Good luck!

Ok, sorry that took so long, but I've just uploaded a version built using 2021.3 (LTS).  Unity had changed the way the shadows worked (again) so it took a while to work out what I had to change to fix what had broken.  I think I've caught everything but let me know if you spot anything weird.

Not yet but the 2020.3 version should work fine in 2021.3.  I'll create a specific 2021.3 version soon though, just to be sure.

Thank you!

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I've just published the whole Unity from a quick tutorial video I recorded to show how you can recreate the dappled lighting effect from the game Tunic.  Download the project here

When I saw the game it struck me how beautiful the lighting was in the East Forest level and was curious to see if I could work out how to do it myself in Unity (the same engine Tunic was developed with).  The project and video show how I did it using both the original Unity built-in renderer and also the newer Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

If you are a Unity developer and are interested in adding a similar effect to your own game then feel free to grab the project and use it however you please.

Yes, of course.  The trick is to use a render texture for the jigsaw puzzle texture, rather than an image.  You then set up an area out of sight of the main camera where you set up another camera pointing at the animated scene (it could even be 3D).  The output of that second camera gets sent to the render texture, so that whatever happens in the animated scene will show up on the jigsaw.  I hope that helps point you in the right direction.  

Ah, yes, this is because there is not enough space for the pieces to get scattered to.  Try setting the camera size to slightly bigger and then playing the scene again (you may need to rescatter the pieces by clicking the button in the top right).

That's fantastic, and a big relief!  Thank you for your help with diagnosing the problem.  It was a bug that could potentially affect many other people so I really appreciate you providing the information that was essential for revealing what the source of the problem was.  I'll add the fix to the package shortly.

Ok, I've got a potential fix for you.  If you would be so kind as to download the file at this link:

This is a replacement for the JigsawSvgGenerator script that you can find in "Jigsaw puzzle package -> Jigsaw puzzle generation -> Scripts -> Jigsaw puzzle generation system".  If you replace the script there with this new one and then try again hopefully you should see that the puzzle generates successfully this time.

Let me know if that works and if it does I will issue the fix to the package here so that no-one else has the same problems! 

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Ah ha, I see what the  problem is.  For some reason all the dots (.) in my version have been replaced with commas (,) in yours, so for example I have "49.16" whereas you have "49,16".  The SVG parser uses commas to separate the different values from each other and dots to represent decimal numbers.  So when it encounters the extra commas it thinks it's a new number not a decimal value.

This might be something to do with regional number representations.  I know in some countries decimals are written 12.34 and in others 12,34 so I think that's what's happening here.  I'll have to rewrite some code to force decimal numbers to be written with a dot rather than a comma, but at least I know what the problem is now and should be able to get it fixed for you.

Thanks for posting those values above, that has revealed what the problem is for sure.

If you have any problems with the package, please reply to this topic and I will attempt to help you.

No problem, thank you for apologising.  Game dev is hard and all games have bugs of some sort.  Making your own games is a great way to appreciate the work involved and realise the compromises that need to be made along the way.  As it happens I knew about the bug you found in my game but because it was just a practice project I decided not to spend any more time fixing it.  I hope it didn't make you feel too sick!

There's no need to be rude.  Show a bit of kindness and people might be more likely to listen to you.  Good luck with your game, I hope it does well.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  It's a fair point about the seed, that would have been better.  

Thanks for the great video, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.  It's always fun watching other people play my games :)

Thanks for playing, Vignesh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Those are going to take some beating.  I might give it a go myself ;)

I'm glad you had fun.  It was a fun little project to work on too.

Thanks :)

I'm not sure what you mean.  Do you mean add mouse controls because there aren't any?  In that case no, I won't do that, it was a very deliberate decision not to add mouse controls because I was trying to recapture the feel of old 90s flight sims which didn't have them.  However, there is an updated version of Critical Alpha made by other members of the Gamkedo club that does have mouse controls here:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Outstanding!  That was a lot of fun to watch, thank you for sharing it.  You did amazingly well; that last 2017 mission is super tough and you nearly had it.

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Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  The mirrors are basically the Unity water system with the ripples turned off.  I believe I used this, and modified it slightly for my needs.  The mirrors did end up causing some performance issues because each one is effectively a whole other camera rendering the game, so when you get more than a couple all active at the same time they can cause the occasional framerate drop.  I tried to keep that to a minimum with some careful design and by turning the mirror reflections off when not needed/noticeable but there are a couple of small areas where sacrifices were made for the sake of the puzzle designs.  Since it's not a fast paced game I deemed that an acceptable compromise for the most part.  I now realise why everyone uses lasers instead of reflected light beams for this sort of thing!  So much simpler.

Great video, thanks for sharing!  I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.  As you spotted, only half the planet got finished within the project time, so we didn't quite wrap it up the way I would have liked.  This was developed as a Gamkedo game dev club project so we set a deadline and did what we could within that schedule.  Unfortunately I overspeced the scope so we couldn't quite finish the job.  One day I hope to finish the second half of the game, which should hopefully fill in the blanks in the story and give it a more satisfying ending.  One day!

Well, that's very kind of you to say.  It was a very personal project to me, trying to recapture the feel of those old games I enjoyed so much in my youth, so if anyone else enjoys it then so much the better.  I look forward to seeing any video you make!  Feel free to post in the comments as and when.

You know I spent a long time deciding whether or not to add yaw control and I eventually decided against it to try and keep the controls a bit more accessible.  Also, the games that inspired this - ones I used to play in the early 90s - didn't have yaw control either and it was really the feel of those old games that I was trying to capture.  I realise that different folks will feel differently about this and I appreciate your comment so I'll bear it in mind if I ever make another flight sim.  I hope you enjoy playing it nonetheless. 

Cool, thanks for playing!  I always like watching people play my games.

It's so satisfying watching someone else solve puzzles you've designed.  Thanks for sharing your play through, I really enjoyed watching it!