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Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  The mirrors are basically the Unity water system with the ripples turned off.  I believe I used this, and modified it slightly for my needs.  The mirrors did end up causing some performance issues because each one is effectively a whole other camera rendering the game, so when you get more than a couple all active at the same time they can cause the occasional framerate drop.  I tried to keep that to a minimum with some careful design and by turning the mirror reflections off when not needed/noticeable but there are a couple of small areas where sacrifices were made for the sake of the puzzle designs.  Since it's not a fast paced game I deemed that an acceptable compromise for the most part.  I now realise why everyone uses lasers instead of reflected light beams for this sort of thing!  So much simpler.

Using reflected light really sets Sunbeam apart from other games though, because it doesn't use lasers. Experiences like this make us grow as people and game developers :)