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I have used the in-game reporting function but it is very unsatisfying and it produces no confidence that a player's bug report was sent or that it would have a chance of being actioned.  Your replies, on the other hand, give 100% confidence :)

I did turn the monthly pop-ups off, but the lag spikes still happened, especially as you progress further in a game session.  I would glance at the date and not do anything if the date was the 28th or later lest I inadvertently end up at an extreme edge or corner of the map when the lag spike stopped.

Thanks for the replies :)  Enjoy the game, even with the current bugs, and understand the game is in development.  No panic on my part :)

Oh, I do make more complicate products.  At the start,  I pause the game and look for the simplest chain, like orange juice or beer or wine and go for it, but if a town wants oranges, fish, milk and meat, I need to feed it and keep the demand line full or the town doesn't grow, right?  Especially if there are no other shops.  I guess then I need to wait until I am making a profit and then go back to the smaller town and take the financial loss to make it grow.

As for the crashes, the game was fairly well along, but as I kept adding industries and trains, the lag spikes become more and more frequent until the point finally arrived where any kind of building froze the game and the game stuttered about every two minutes.  Too bad as I was trying to fill all stores in all the towns.  I was grossing around 3 million a month and profit was around half a million, I think.  Don't remember as I haven't touched the save game since posting.

Not sure what "harvesters won't share the territory or resource nodes" means.  Can't or won't?  If there's only 5 oil nodes in a spawn, and the harvesters "won't" share, that means only one harvester can be used and 4 harvesters remain un-utilized or you can put an oil harvester anywhere and it will get oil, just not as much as if it was on an oil spawn?

Like, oil or ore harvesters need to be spread out so their harvest areas don't overlap (much)?  That's how I play now, but for small spawns of gas or oil (for example), I try to get all the resource nodes in each harvester's area, so the harvesters are necessarily close together.  I can't see how a resource harvester is gathering a certain resource when there are no resources in their harvest area.  Can a forestry harvester still gather logs if there are no trees in its harvest area?  Same question for ores, fish, etc.  ?

Does your statement also mean that things like water and sand harvesters that are beside each other, like 5 in a row, are less efficient that harvesters that are spread out with spaces between them?

Meh, I guess the game file is too big.  Massive stuttering and as long as I don't actually try to build anything else, the game runs haltingly (latest update version).  As soon as I try to do anything on the map, the game freezes.  I uninstalled/reinstalled in case the game was corrupted, but no change.  It generated a crashed game folder, but when I uninstalled, it deleted that too.  Now, it just crashes and doesn't generate the debugging folder.  Guess I need to wait until the game is patched or start a new map.

PS - while the game is supposedly easier to make a profit with, unless you are trying to sell a 5 figure commmodity, in 5 tries/experiments, you go bankrupt.  Even somethign as simple as grapes or selling meat/milk or eggs/milk.  The money you make doesn't pay for the overhead on the trucks and buildings.

Also, it'd be nice if there was building info to tell you how much the upkeep is on each building, including the trucks being used for it.

Question about gameplay.

When setting down harvesters like sand and water, does it make sense that the harvesters are more efficient if you leave some space between them so they are gathering resources from further apart and not gathering each other's, or can you pack them together and they are equally efficient?

Also, for harvesters like forestry, oil, etc, I am thinking you want the green areas of the harvesters to cover as much resource as possible to make them the most efficient.  Does it matter if the harvesters' harvest areas overlap each other in regards to their efficiency?  

As ROI is going on Steam, we'll get steam keys if we bought it through ITCH.IO?

Also, some bugs/observations on ROI so far . . .

Bug:  Cursor stays stuck as the white glove or the text editing cursor (for changing building names)

Suggestion:  Have buildings open on Overview tab, not destination tab.  I want to see the overview when I click a building.  If I see a problem in overview, THEN I need to go to the destination tab.

Bug:  MASSIVE game freeze every time it goes to autosave the game.  I don't mind autosave, just the lag spike.  :)

Bug:  Also massive lag spike when the game goes to update monthly expenses at year end.  ie Expense popups.

Suggestion:  The terminals need to have more storage.  They ARE "terminals" so should have more than 60.  No reason for them not to have 75 to 100.  I know warehouses are coming, but they also serve as interim warehouses.  PS - the trains work awesomely now :)

Suggestion:  Have the  train route name be editable so they don't all just say "Transport Route"

Suggestion:  In options, it would be good to have an info pop-up on mouse-over so we could see what the options do, and what kind of performance benefit/detriment they would impose.

I like the new recipe book too.  :)  Keep up the good work.