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Not sure what "harvesters won't share the territory or resource nodes" means.  Can't or won't?  If there's only 5 oil nodes in a spawn, and the harvesters "won't" share, that means only one harvester can be used and 4 harvesters remain un-utilized or you can put an oil harvester anywhere and it will get oil, just not as much as if it was on an oil spawn?

Like, oil or ore harvesters need to be spread out so their harvest areas don't overlap (much)?  That's how I play now, but for small spawns of gas or oil (for example), I try to get all the resource nodes in each harvester's area, so the harvesters are necessarily close together.  I can't see how a resource harvester is gathering a certain resource when there are no resources in their harvest area.  Can a forestry harvester still gather logs if there are no trees in its harvest area?  Same question for ores, fish, etc.  ?

Does your statement also mean that things like water and sand harvesters that are beside each other, like 5 in a row, are less efficient that harvesters that are spread out with spaces between them?

Every played Anno or Banished? Same way as getting wood there.

Harvesters can have 3 resources assigned. If a node (cluster of resources) has 5 resources, then you need 2 harvesters. If you place a 3rd, it won't grab anything