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Dapper Penguin Studios

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Apply button at the bottom. If you can't see it, lower the scaling setting 

Yes, when it comes out on steam

Ah, an AZERTY user :)

Sure, soon enough we'll enable custom keybindings! For now, you can use the RMB camera drag (enabled in the menu)

Believe me, we get the reports. Every day I personally have to go through 25-50 reports (most duplicates, but can't do anything about that for now). Keep them coming!

Quite an impressive income! For Alpha 3.0 the lag spikes should be severely reduced, as we're redoing a lot of the town code, which we think is the culprit

Every played Anno or Banished? Same way as getting wood there.

Harvesters can have 3 resources assigned. If a node (cluster of resources) has 5 resources, then you need 2 harvesters. If you place a 3rd, it won't grab anything

Right now it's a bit of a free-for-all. Soon (very soon) harvesters won't share the territory or resource nodes, and have to be spread out

Crashes: WIP

Profits: never sell raw products. Make stuff with them, like burgers or brandy. They sell handsomely

As ROI is going on Steam, we'll get steam keys if we bought it through ITCH.IO?

Bugs: please report them in-game (top right of the screen), but most are reported in the "we know this happens" section of the updates.



B2: Will be better for A3, trust me :)

B3: You can disable them in the options menu

S2: Warehouses will be the ones holding everything


S4: Nice, will do

Thanks for the reports!

You know if one of the buildings is idle, or trucks are just sitting there. If you don't see smoke on all buildings at all times, the production is inefficient. There is no perfect ratio. Trial and error and practice makes perfect!

Yup! Just set the state as a destination, or do something with it, like pies or burgers

It is, sorry. Working on it 

We released a hotfix for exactly that issue an hour after release. Update please 


What version are you on? 

Glad you're enjoying it!

You'll have to wait a day or so until I publish a guide on how to link everything, shortly after release :(

That means your scaling is too low, thus making the button leave the screen



Glad you like it :)



Just fixed it! Redownload to get 2.2.1!

Here to help!

That is odd. I'll upload 2.2 tonight and make sure Linux updates as well

Fixed for 2.2, which comes out tomorrow!


Glad you're enjoying it! Playing on Linux?

On it!

We changed a lot in 2.1, breaking the saves. I'm afraid it'll happen often :(

That is odd. Could you do an in-game report so I can see the log? 

Saves are in %appdata%/projectautoma

Next month :)

Added to the todo list :)

Were they completely in the water AND next to fish? http://prntscr.com/gha0vg

Investigating. Please make sure the tracks are connected on to the train terminal itself. Even better: make an in-game report, so I can check your savegame

Odd. Can you paste a screenshot? Or even better: join our Discord and explain the situation :)

Can you be a bit more detailed? Are you placing them next to fish?