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Dapper Penguin Studios

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Odd. We patched in a lot of things in A2. Hopefully that is fixed!

That pic just made my day! Thank you so much!

No, thank you for supporting us!

Worry not, as the soon-to-come Alpha2 has lakes :)

For now, the full version (not demo) has custom map settings, and you can have up to 3 coastlines

The whole logistic system on Alpha1 was a bit of a mess. You'll see how we improved it in A2 :)


Yeah, every update will have something to make it prettier. Don't worry, weather effects and cloud shadows are planned :)

Don't worry, got plenty of lakes: http://prntscr.com/g5twli

Yup! :)

Just use the itch app

That's awesome! A2 (released at the end of the month) will introduce lakes, so that should make your life a bit easier :)

Thanks for the heads-up!

Absolutely going to happen :)

Carpets: definitely

Bulldoze resources: not gonna happen, as they'll be finite and towns might want them

Islands are planned (check roadmap) :)

Blue tiles on water, green tiles on land. Has to be a flat part of the coast

All good suggestions! I'll treasure them!

Late Jan, early Feb

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Steam will come in Q1 2018

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Heya! Happy you're enjoying the game! Let me answer one by one:

Scaling: Alpha 2 will handle this

Main Menu issue: solved in 1.9 (coming out tomorrow)

Small hills: same as above

Suggestion: that is, amongst many other things, what it does. Keep in mind in A2 and on, towns will be A LOT larger

Already planned :)

Alpha 4 and 5: https://trello.com/b/t94R4mdV/public-roadmap

Can you try using the itch app?


Maybe storage is full? Could you make a bug report?

Hey there!

We added the autosave for Alpha 2, and we'll try to include it in 1.9. Half the fun is starting all over again :D

Very happy you're enjoying it!

Many languages are planned, and Polish might be in, in the near future!


As in no mountains? Sure!

Too kind! :) 

Will do!

When the game is released on Steam, everyone who bought it on itch will get a key

Hey Jamie, I'm afraid that the game has changed so much (even the name!) that it I'm afraid I cannot do what you suggest. But gotta ask, yes?

You need to link the game to an account (you had to create one when you purchased) and use the itch app to keep the game updated

I honestly wasn't aware of such a requirement with the app. Good to know!

Good :)

Please contact the support guys: support@itch.io

Thanks for the kind words!

We redid the interface for Alpha 2. Just need to wait a little longer!

Planned with Alpha 3, along with many other goodies :)

If the save file is from 1.8 or 1.8.1, then yes :)