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Dapper Penguin Studios

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You'll get an email with instructions in a couple of weeks :) 

Not completely designed, but just know that every building will produce some kind of pollution (water, ground or air). As for traffic: coming in A6

Take a look at this: https://trello.com/b/t94R4mdV/public-roadmap

Way more than that: landfills, dump toxic sludge in lakes, burn everything, etc. It will all create massive amounts of pollution 

Hey Doge! If you buy it now, you do get a free key for steam once released :) 

Very soon. Date will be disclosed this week

Tool tips do. Can't explain and handhold all the time :) 

The real tutorial in the next version will be much more helpful, believe me

We're still planning, but it's possible, yes :)

Hi Scott! A5 will bring a whole new range of songs and sounds. Can't wait to show you!

As for diagonal roads and pipes, I'm afraid they won't happen, as that would steer away from the main core of the game (production and town interaction), in favour of logistics. There's other great games to scratch that itch :)

Go to the regional office or the town center, region tab, and buy the permit. Might want to read the tutorial :)

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Wow, you are too kind! 

Whenever I feel overburdened by the extreme pressure that is gameDev, somehow a post like this appears out of nowhere and just makes it all worth it.

Can't thank you enough, and I hope you'll keep enjoying the game in A5 and beyond!

Thanks Leaf (and everyone else in the itch.io community) to allow uus making our first step on the market!


Soon: https://trello.com/b/t94R4mdV/public-roadmap

Many languages, don't worry 

Hey! Thanks for the reports. Can I ask you to do all reports in game so I can also check the log and save games? 

Yes you can :)

Yes you will

We will! 

Thanks! Just drop by our discord and feel free to voice your thoughts, and let's make the game even better!

I think Industrial Parks will make you fall in love :) 

Slow factories: can't have it all easy

Td to wh: routes are between buildings of the same type

3 vehicles: unlock more in the tech tree

Still balancing the game, it'll only get better! 

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Oh dear! Where is "Iron Max"? Where did it go?

Happy holidays!

Got the report, and fixed in 4.1 :)

I don't think it will. The game has a lot of calculations and 32 bits are very limited

Sorry, can't have region pricing on itch. Please wait for the steam release 

Thanks! Will do! 

Glad you found out! :) 

Have fun! 

Still undefined, but it will go up a bit, as Steam takes a big cut out of the sales

We will in A7 or A8 :)

It's a decade-old computer, I'm afraid we can only do so much :(

Glad you're enjoying it!

It's coming out next week. Had to be delayed a bit to ensure awesomeness 

Nothing official, but should run on pretty much anything. I sometimes test on my 6 years old i3 laptop and it works fine

Yeah, Project Automata was the name before going into Alpha (when it was still pre-alpha and a prototype). Now we're in full production with a constant flow of updates

It's still early in development. We're still working on improving performance. Sorry about that, alpha 4 will be a bit better :) 


Change the scaling setting in the options menu

There are playlists on YouTube with dozens of hours, and new content is added constantly :)

Very happy you're enjoying it!

Please note that OTTD is not our focus, it's merely one of many minor inspirations. We are specialising in town interaction and deep production lines, not just logistics