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Yeah, of course! We're very active on Discord and Steam forums, so hop on there! Links are in-game

Yup, working on it:

Please do the tutorial. Please use the steam version to make sure it's updated 

Of course there's a tutorial. Please use the steam version to make sure it's updated 

It does make sense, and yes, that is what happens :)

Don't yell. Link so I can check. I reply to every thread

Then please use the steam forums and check stickies 

Game is no longer supported on Itch. Please use the Steam version


1. Need to find a straight coast

2. WIP

3. Change the UI scaling in the options menu

Make sure you switch to the steam version or you'll stay outdated! :)


Those two things are addressed in version 5.1, coming out in a couple days (of course, with much more)!

I really don't follow itch anymore, so you're better off using the Steam forums :)

Have fun!

Whoa, that sucks. Follow the "game settings reset" FAQ here:

Sure, and we pay rent with hopes and dreams :D

No longer available. Sorry 

You mean this one?

The latest OSX and Unity versions broke Mac support. Working day and night to make it happen. Sorry

Planned :)

(1 edit)

Yes, it's outside our control, sorry:

Maybe you can go overboard and play 5 minutes? No? Too crazy? 

The game is not for sale on itch anymore as it's going on Steam tomorrow:

Yup! Fixed!

Hey there. I'm afraid it's too many to list. See for yourself!

Correct. GoG and Steam will be identical copies, so you choose. 

Also working on GoG Connect, if that helps :)

Sync it with GoG for a free DRM, don't see the issue. Not to mention you already have it here without any DRM. To make it even sweeter, Humble Store might happen, with more DRM-free solutions

Steam is free for all Itch players, but the game will also be available on GoG on day one for all the reasons you mentioned

What was the issue? How did you solve it?

Yes! Absolutely!


The one in the main menu (deleted PDF) or the one in-game, top right?

Because the two need to be linked to avoid bulk purchases and grey market :)

Oh, I see! That button is for show. The game is not for sale anymore. Need to buy it on Steam from the 9th

Odd. Please send your purchase email to my address so I can investigate 

Well, that sucks. Sorry about that :(

Please read the guide. You need to login first or you get the error

Please read the guide. You need to login first

I got you, BRO

Hope this helps: 

I'm afraid it's completely outdated. Please use the one in-game until we publish the new one

Noted, thanks!