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I have used the in-game reporting function but it is very unsatisfying and it produces no confidence that a player's bug report was sent or that it would have a chance of being actioned.  Your replies, on the other hand, give 100% confidence :)

I did turn the monthly pop-ups off, but the lag spikes still happened, especially as you progress further in a game session.  I would glance at the date and not do anything if the date was the 28th or later lest I inadvertently end up at an extreme edge or corner of the map when the lag spike stopped.

Thanks for the replies :)  Enjoy the game, even with the current bugs, and understand the game is in development.  No panic on my part :)

Believe me, we get the reports. Every day I personally have to go through 25-50 reports (most duplicates, but can't do anything about that for now). Keep them coming!